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Unknown Number

This is being posted on behalf of my grandmother;
She received a phone bill for May and on that bill it has various calls through out the month; normal for a phone bill. However the problem is that my grandmother has been in hospital since May 11th and no one has been at her house since. This was disputed once and we were told if they come up on the next bill it will have to be investigated.
After this I disconnected her land line phone and have the only key, the same number has come up on her June bill, and for some of this month. As far as I can see this number is on every bill back until February (that's the earliest bill I have to hand)
I rang BT today to cancel her phone and broadband package has she has to go into residential care. I asked about these calls and the gent who which I spoke to didn't care saying there's nothing that can be done. He said that the billing system is 100% accurate and these calls have been made. Some of which are at 4am. Now myself and my mother were carers for my grandmother as she has Alzheimers; she doesn't have the mental capacity to pick up a phone and dial a number she doesn't know how to work the phone, I am with her through out the night as she is unable to get out of bed unassisted; there fore she wouldn't be making any phone calls at any time day or night. The number on the bill appears to be to a fax machine as I have tried calling it and it makes strange beeps and a screeching noise. The response from the man I spoke to was just I don't know why it how your grandmother got that number and was calling it at the times she did! And the duration of the calls would be explained because it's a fax machine!
The calls aren't even expensive; I wanted an answer more than anything and how long it had been happening; but after the call centres employees attitude and reasons I am utterly appalled.
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Re: Unknown Number

I expect the Mods will pick this up to assist you .


Is there any form of security/medical system in your grandmothers house as it could well be this dialling out as part of its reporting function, via the broadband but registering as a phone call ( I think there are systems that do this).

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Re: Unknown Number

What is the number? Have you googled it to see if you can find out what it is?

Are there any devices in the home which would dial out for some reason?
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Re: Unknown Number

The moderators of the forum have been informed of your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are a BT UK based team and if they can help they will reply via this thread asking you to contact them via a link. Once you have replied to them by the link, it can at present take up to three working days for them to re-contact you.

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Re: Unknown Number

Hi Ashley88


Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your Grandmother's BT account info and full details of the problem. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



Community ModeratorNeilO
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