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Upgrade help!


I have FTTP fibre 1 and have been receiving numerous post/email/text regards upgrading to fibre 100 at no extra cost to what I am paying now. I currently pay £32.49pm with discounts and this run until December 2021. However, when I try to initiate this through my account it states my new monthly costs as £44.49pm which includes BT Halo which it seems to add-on regardless.

Today I manages to speak to upgrades on the phone and the agent stated that the offer is mis-leading? I would be stripped of any discounts that I currently have and basically because it is a new contract it I will be charged £40.50pm, obviously without Halo. 

I find this greatly unfair or even mis-selling. Obviously the carrot is NO extra cost to what I am paying now or else why offer me something at £0 extra when I am going to pay more for it?

I would be very grateful if someone could look into this for me please.


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Re: Upgrade help!

You need to phone either FTTP 08005874787 or you can try options team 0800800030 - probably FTTP best

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