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Upgrading Broadband plan, question about what happens if we want to downgrade later on

Quick question that hopefully someone can answer

Got off the phone with a BT rep, got an upgrade to Full Fibre 900 in the works (super excited).

However, he mentioned that with the upgrade locks us in contract with BT for the next 2 years (can't remember specifics).

Here's the question: it's not a problem being locked into contract with BT for however long as we're generally happy, however with this "contract lock" does that mean we're unable to switch the specific broadband plan during this time?

The concern is that the Full Fibre 900 may be super overkill if there are less people in the house in a year's time, and we might want to downgrade to Full Fibre 500 (for example) because it's more suitable. However I'm not sure if this contract lock in will prevent us from downgrading from something we might not need anymore

Common sense would suggest that as long as we're sticking with BT they'll be happy to modify our plan however we like during the contract's period, I'm just a bit concerned on my parents behalf, I don't want them paying for something they might not need further down the line.

If needed I'll drop the sales line another call to confirm, but if anyone knows the answer here, that would be fantastic

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