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Re: Difficulty paying bill, situation getting worse

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Hello Moderators ( and Sean if he still works at BT ?)


I requested a Final Bill from BT in writing as I left in July. As you know I was given all sorts of excuses why I was not provided with the BT Infinity 2 package I applied for in March 2014.

You know the saga so I will not repeat it.


I was sent a letter in July and was in Credit at that time £ 21.19.


Today on 6/11/14 I was sent a Bill to be paid by 9/11/14 for hundreds of pounds.

Charges include a Home hub 4 and a Home Hub 5, both returned months ago.

I was sent the  Home Hub 4 as an Upgrade from BT. I never had a new Contract from them.

The Home Hub 5 was sent for BT Infinity 2 in April, which as you know was never completed by the many due dates given by BT. So a Contract was not fulfilled by BT for BT Infinity 2.


Furthermore the Bill includes a Cancellation fee for BT Infinity 2 in October 2014 ? How can BT send a Cancellation Fee, they never provided this before I left BT and have a letter in writing to prove this. Not including all the emails and phonecalls over that time.


I have been constantly told to be patient and wait each day, week and month. This has been a long running saga which never seems to end. I have been put off and told to wait and wait and wait.


I see no other course of action than to contact my Solicitor and Watchdog again over this never ending situation. I am also consideriing contacting the Office of Fair Trading.


The Moderators have been helpful but this matter is still not solved. How can I go from being in Credit in July and leaving to find in November I have a Bill for Hundreds of Pounds just before Christmas ??

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Re: Difficulty paying bill, situation getting worse

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the mods wil contact you

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