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Very much regret upgrading to Infinity!

We were plagued by calls from the company BT use to sell Infinity for over a year, often receiving 2 calls per week! We were quite happy with standard broadband which was fast enough for our BB needs and didn't want to incur any additional monthly cost.


Then we received a letter from BT stating that we could upgrade to Infinity at no extra cost, keep our existing discount and our contract term would remain the same.   When I called to clarify the terms & conditions I was told that when our existing term ended I could call to arrange a new discount package if I signed up for another 12 mths so we went ahead.


I called the Customer Options Team today as the existing term and Line Rental Saver has now ended, only to be told that as they are unable to discount Infinity the best they could offer me was a reduction of £2 p/m or alternatively I could keep the existing discount if I downgraded back to standard BB!!!


Ho hum, off to search the BB comparison site!







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Re: Very much regret upgrading to Infinity!

I've had that letter as well.  I phoned up twice before Christmas.  Both times I was told I qualified for the offer, but they couldn't actually make an appointment then, and I should phone back a few days later.


In the end, I lost interest and gave up.  I'm not sure I want the upgrade anyway - my master socket is in completely the wrong place.


I'm still stuck on ADSLMax.  I'll wait till March when my contract runs out, and if my line hasn't been upgraded to ADSL2+ by then, I will threaten to switch to another supplier who will give me a faster speed.

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