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Vodafone - tempted by their offers and lower pricing, read this first!


A year or more ago I was tempted to switch to Vodafone after my excellent BT introductory price and package benefits were due to end.

Vodafone were offering a cheaper price than BT for broadband (and claiming faster speed) and also some additional benefits including a substantial cash-back or a free gift. I decided to switch and placed an order with Vodafone and was given a 4-5 weeks transfer time.

During this time, BT called me to ask why I was leaving and if there was anything they could do to convince me to stay. When I mentioned Vodafone price and the benefits, BT offered to extend my existing low price and BT package benefits (generous free cloud space, free public BT wifi hotspots on mobile etc) for another year if I stayed for another 12 months, so I agreed.

BT advised me to call Vodafone and cancel the order/transfer request. 

When I called Vodafone to cancel, I got the most obnoxious woman on the phone. From the outside she very abrupt, aggressive and rude just talking over me and repeating and over in a loud voice that I could not cancel.  The call ended by her hanging up on me mid-sentence.

She said, you cannot cancel the order or line transfer because 'there is a number port request being processed and we get charged' and you need to wait until you're on Vodafone, then do a transfer request back to BT (naturally waiting another month for this and paying Vodafone). I said this was absurd, because my service wasn't even active yet with Vodafone and I was still a BT customer. I mentioned the 14 days cooling off period (which I was well within) and Vodafone had no legal right to transfer my service or hold my number to ransom like this (that's when she slammed the phone down).

I relayed this to BT, and they said this is total nonsense. And is typical of Vodafone and their obstructive dishonest tactics. They assured me that no matter what Vodafone said, they would not be able to transfer the service or port the number across, because BT had stopped it from their side. My call was only to cancel the Vodafone order as a courtesy and I had no legal obligation to complete that transfer to Vodafone.

This shows you clearly how dishonest and rude Vodafone are. And this is to a possible new customer. I think I had a narrow escape judging by the level of complaints I see about Vodafone and their customer service, compared to BT's excellent customer service and faultless fast broadband service.

In the 2 years now I have been with BT broadband I have only have one service outage (which turned out to be a router issue I fixed myself) and the broadband speed has always been consistently fast. 







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Re: Vodafone - tempted by their offers and lower pricing, read this first!

Hi @paul27,

I replied on your other thread and sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details.

Please include this issue in the referral and we'll deal with this for you too.  Sorry for the problems you're having receiving calls on your landline.



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