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We are FTTC ? so is there any need for an 'engineer visit'/drilling etc.

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During sign up it states that 

The engineer may also need to attach a box to the outside of your property and drill a small hole in an external wall to feed in the cable.

And also prior to that something about messing with the telephone point inside.


Is this engineer visit actually required if you are signing up to the 74mb broadband which is surely down your phoneline (which we already have with another isp) so FTTC and not FTTP (no one on our road or anywhere around us has FTTP)

I tried to get some info on the live chat but they told me to ring up, but due to health issues I am not able to do that.

The reason for asking is due to having a very large heavy unit holding a (very large and very heavy!) fish tank  right next to where the telephone point is and there is absolutely no way too move it away from the wall/point without emptying it of its inhabitants, water and everything else and then have 4 people move the unit and tank (all of which I cannot do) and would potentially be for no reason!

All the other ips's I have done comparisons with have advised self install and no engineer visits unless we want a new line, which we don't.


Can anyone clarify for me please and thank you. (please don't reply and tell me to call)



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Re: We are FTTC ? so is there any need for an 'engineer visit'/drilling etc.

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if you have FTTC and are just changing ISP to BT then you should not get an engineer visit even though it says that on sign up.  It should be simple self install

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