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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Well, me too!


I singed up to BT back in May, but no engineers turn up to the 2 appointment dates (one was the original, and one was rearranged). Then I was told that there were worked needed in my exchange to connect to my new build.


I then changed provider, and was told that there was 3 spare pairs of lines, so should not get any problem.


However, Openreach delayed my installation date for 2 months all they said was on-going works, please check back in 3 weeks... Which I think it was totally nonsense and ridiclous! Then they were hinting that my proeprty developer did not provide sufficient infrastructure, but I contacted my developer, they blamed BT. blah..blah..blah....


So I waited for 3 months but still no phone and broadband service, I was so fed up and I talked to Ofcom. Funny thing was that the lady from Ofcom told me I could not complaint Openreach because only service providers can do.. I was then thinking.. what protection do end users get? It's all **** monopolised by them.


I was also fed up with the same explanation I got from my ISP, so I cancelled the order and got back to BT...


Now... still **** waiting, because this time when I signed up for the service online, BT apparently lost my order, and their advisor told me to wait again to be scheduled for engineer visit!


What a £$"!£"!$"!$!"%^%^$¬!!


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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

forgot to mention, during the time I was waiting, I was originally told that there were 3 spare pairs but it dropped to just 1 2 weeks ago! I received more and more wifi points from my flat, so how could this be an error in the exchange??


It is all **bleep** lies from Openreach. 


I picked a relatively small ADSL ISP because they had been good service which I used for the last 5 years. But I am getting an impression that Openreach DOES NOT TREAT EVERY COMPANIES FAIRLY. I tried to raise this with Ofcome, but they didnt seem to care, the lady said "they cannot do that [full stop]"

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hi guys, I have read so many of your comments regarding the poor and in some case, disgusting service from BT... I am afraid to say the problems are still happening... We moved into a new build house on the 21st March 2014, we contacted BT before this date and advised we needed to sort out connection.... Bearing in mind the new site has been here since the middle of last year and all other houses already have telephone and internet connection, however, now it is our turn, there seems to be a problem!! BT continue to inform us the issue is with Openreach and not BT and any delay should be taken up with them direct. We continue to receive a text messages every week, saying, nothing to update, next update expected typically 7 days later when we receive exactly the same text once again... We have called into BT several times and are just told the same as the text and not to call and just wait for further text updates. We just feel we are being completely fobbed off and no one is wiling to pick up this issue and actually do something for us... As previous people have said, it doesn't matter who we choose to go with in the end, we still need BT/Openreach to sort out the line, it is about time, they were held to ransom for treating people the way they do..... If anyone can give us any advise, we would certainly appreciate it.... My son is 14 and needs internet and e/mail for his studies, certainly something he cannot do working from 3G on an iphone!!!!!
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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hi Sarahvincent, 


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! 


Sorry for the delay in getting your services on at your new house. I am happy to take a closer look to see what is causing the hold up. Click on my username and under the "about me" section you will the link to get in touch with us.  Whenever we receive your details we will go from there. 




Community ModeratorOlga
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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hi Everyone


Thought I would add my penny to this thread!


In short.... home move booked in November for home move date of 20th Dec 2013 to a new build house only 50 metres from my old house. No show on 20th Dec. Same stories of lost orders, more engineer no shows, being told different things by different people, endless "on-going cable works" comments even though I've seen no-one actually doing any cable works.  I am STILL WAITING for a phone line. Last update from BT said work supposed to be finished yesterday and will update me on Monday. I have no faith whatsoever in the update being good news. I see the BT 0800 number appear on my phone when they call and just think here we go with more delays....


Work started on this very small new build estate over a year ago. I cannot phathom how a working telephone line cannot be supplied to any of the new build houses. Last week an Openreach engineer turned up to install BB to someone who had just moved in to one of the houses. I pointed out to him that nobody has a phone line and he said " errr..... oh I thought there was a problem". He then went to the house probably to deliver the bad news. My neighbours are being told different things to what Im being told from their service providers (one of them BT Retail too!). How on earth are service providers still creating orders when there is no way for them to actually connect people?


There is NO EFFECTIVE WAY of complaining about this. I opened a lengthy complaint to BT Retail in January and I'm still waiting. Why can't I complain to Openreach? It feels as if BT Retail are doing absolutely nothing to push my complaint. I know for a fact that if there was some actual competition in my area i.e. Virgin Media, then a working BT line would be available from day one. Openreach know that I cannot do anything so why should they make any effort to connect people? BT keep saying they will pass on my feedback to Openrech but to be honest I don't believe them becasue it will make no difference at all. I think they just put a note on my case/account and move on to the next person to give some bad news to them. I do feel sorry for those at BT Retail who do have to deliver the bad news all the time - I know they are at the mercy of Openreach. It must be just as frustrating for them as it is for me.


Anyway theres my rant over and I'll be waiting for that 0800 number to appear on my phone on Monday to see what they have to say.



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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

It sounds like the developer has not given the developer access to the site to install the necessary cable ducts and network infrastructure if it is affecting more than your self

Openreach do not deal with the public only the service providers
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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Figured I'd join in.


Placed order on April 1st, was due to move April 11.


Initial connection date was May 14th - not ideal, but a date.


Phoned up on 5th to give the engineer a better postcode (A few places had struggled to find the house) - not only did the operative refuse to take the postcode off me (as the engineer would ring if he couldn't find it), he then informed me that work needed doing by the developer and so the engineer wouldn't be coming.


Spoke to developer, who advised they did indeed need to do work, but that had been held up by BT. 


Rescheduled date to 28/5 (tomorrow). Time booked off work, tradesmen coming in tomorrow to do other work as I would be at home for the engineer anyway. Text this morning: Order delayed until June 12, because The contractor(!) that Openreach uses needs to do "external cabling work" at the exchange.


Email says the engineer is coming June 12, tracker says we don't need an Engineer (which we do because the line is just sticking out of a hole in the ground, it's not connected to the house!)

Further chasing BT revelas that the work "May be" done on the 9th and they would have an update for us then; I have a funny feeling even if the work is done, my appointment on the 12th will vanish.


I currently face at least a 10 and a half week wait since my initial order. ANY other company would have been run out of business by now if they did this. I work from home outside of normal hours and am losing money every single week - money that is in short supply just after a house move.

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

6 months and I'm still waiting.....

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

I am just currently experiencing what a disgrace BT actually are and the fact they have the monopoly makes it worse. We booked a move with BT for our Business to a new build property on a main road in our town. We placed the booking on the 25th July 2014 for the move to be complete on the 11th August 2014. I was told this was fine and they needed the maximum of 2 weeks. I then had a call on the 11th saying it had been delayed because they needed to order certain machinery so the order would now be complete on the 21st August. I accepted this because we weren't actually moving until the 28th August but because i'd had previous bad experiences we were over cautious and ordered early how wrong was i. Anyway the 20th August came and we had an engineering team out to check what wanted doing, they weren't from BT they were sub contractors on BT's behalf. They told me everything was ok and they would be here the next day. That day came and went no sign of any engineers so on the phone i went to be told by the BT movers team that it was delayed to the 28th August. After a while i had no choice but to accept and keep my fingers crossed. I then had a call on the 25th August saying the job had been delayed further and they were looking at the 13th September before they could come and connect. I obviously went barmy at them and said we couldn't accept this and can not run a businss with a dongle for the net and diverted phoneline. After various conversations i was told they could now act and go to a higher level to get this sorted. I was then told the 3rd September the engineers would come out and again the day before (2nd sept) they once again came out to see what wanted doing and told me everything was ok and hopefully would see them tomorrow, i asked "why hopefully" i was then told that job sheets often get changed and they end up on different jobs. So the 3rd came and went and here we are on the 4th being told that it will be the 20th September which i have not accepted and someone is once again looking into it. I have to say i can not believe how big a joke BT are, i have contacted watchdog to see if they can help, but i have to say BT are slowing trying to ruin our business by not providing the service but we are determined not to let them. 


If anyone can genuinely help i would appreciate it. 




David Pinder

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

This is a BT residential customer forum. If you are a business user you should post on the business forum where you may be able to get some help.

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