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What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

I moved in to new built department on March. I asked BT to connect my line to the exchange as my developers had Openreach connecting lines throughout of the property. I placed the order over the phone as website wouldn't accept the address as the postcode couldn't be recognised. They got it wrong. Order was cancelled and new one issued. As I expected I wasn't connected during the period promised. Wrote complaints spoke to several people -NOBODY KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON WITH MY ORDER, I am being push through one department to another. To make things worse, I cannot get another ISP or phone provider as they all use BT and Openreach database. Why can't just BT register my address with their detabase? Royal Mail has dfone this already. Can somebody let me know how long it takes? slightly tired and frustrated with BT. I don't want their line anymore, I want Openreach to be able to register my property so I can finally get connected. Too much to ask?

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.




They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team




They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.


Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hey, I am with you there.


I ordered my phoneline to a new build property on the 8th Feb. 1st install date was the 1st March.

Got a phonecall the day before, 'sorry we will be unable to come on this date, there has been a delay' No reason given

Revised install date was the 17th!!! So the 17th comes, no-one turns up, I call to see what is going on.

'Oh, the contractors have asked for a delay, its been pushed back to the 20th'


This goes on with me phoning, getting not much back.... on the 20th a guy turns up in a hired van, professes to know nothing about the site or the job. Runs a cable from the DP to my house and is then unable to find the pair that should be my phoneline. Then leaves after fiddling around in boxes down the road he knew nothing about!!!


So after further backwards and forwards, me phoning from a payg mobile (no home phone). Call alledgedly gets escalated and OpenReach keep not updating the call, or just delaying the work or just saying there will be an update in 5 working days.


Now we finally got 'Openreach say there is the need for major cabling work as all remaining lines are faulty' why couldn't this have been done 7-8 weeks ago????


So 7 days after BT escalate to OpenReach, still no answer on what OpenReach are going to do. Got told today 'if there is no answer by monday we will escalate again'


This is a laughable situation that such a large organisation has no leverage with their partners that they are reliant upon to provide service.


I am now at my wits end!!!!!!!

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

I can sympathise with everything you are going through as I am going through the same.  In fact I only just signed up to this forum today to document what has been happening with my situation but noticed your thread first.


I am also in a new build property, I asked to transfer my line/broadband package from my old address to this new one on the 16th Feb 2012, they said it would be ready for the 9th March.  Have BT/Openreach provided anything?  No. 


Today was the last straw for me, I have been thrown from department to department, told the same scripted line over and over, been told countless times that my case will be 'escalated' (I am sick of that word) and the cost to me has been in the hundreds, my mobile phone bill alone is £184 this month due to having to use it for the internet and 0845/0800 numbers as you do when you move house (my mobile phone bill has never been more than £24 in 3 years)...


I had to do a lot of investigating, in the end I had to do BT's job for them, I had to contact the developer of this house that I rent (he has been going through the same problems back in Nov 2011 with regards to this property), I had to contact the openreach engineers themselves and the other contractors openreach use, which are Carillion (they do all the construction work, digging), Dunmore (not sure on the spelling of this, will confirm though) and Bardens (again not sure on the spelling, will confirm, these guys do the cabling).


I won't go into details as I will leave that for my post, but I have had scenarios such as:


Engineers not turning up.

BT/Engineers not even telling me that they won't turn up.

Contractors to do major work such as digging/construction don't turn up, so I phone BT to chase (as I know that if they don’t turn up then the cabling contractors will be delayed as a knock on effect) and ask what is going on only to be told a load of excuses that I won't go into here.

BT phoning me thinking they are being pro-active telling me that this engineer/that engineer etc will be turning up on this date/that date ... when none of them but one has turned up!  And the one that did turn up, I was never told he would turn up!


I am not having a go at the engineers by the way, they are the only ones who have been able to tell me what on earth is going on and they sympathise with my situation but they all say it is happening all over the country, they are sick of it too.  Apparently everything is sub-contracted to all of these companies that I mention above and the delays are due to bad management and awful communication.


To cut a long story short, I got so frustrated that I got in touch with the engineers and the sub-contractors I mention above to get to the bottom of things because if you keep listening to BT they will just read you same scripted nonsense.  In the end the builder of this property went to my local openreach premises, asked for the cabling and installed it himself, for free!  But that was only the beginning, you won’t believe what has happened since..


To end, I have been a loyal customer with BT for 10 years, and in these recent dealings I have always been polite and very patient, but I have had enough now so I am hoping that having some presence here might help.


By the way, if you are not connected within 8 weeks then you have every right to complain to an ADR scheme and they will investigate for you, and hopefully help to get you the service you are paying for and entitled too... ..


Lol, if I was 8 weeks late providing a service to my clients, it would not be long until I was out of business and bankrupt!.. don't know how they are allowed to get away with this.


Anyhow, I hope you get your connection sorted soon.

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hi dented & crockerk,


I am really sorry that you have had so many problems getting service.  Its not always a straight forward order but you should be kept up to date with what is happening as it happens so you know when you can expect service.  I'll be happy to get involved and make sure we get this sorted out for you


Could you both drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



BTCare Community Mod

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

I am having a similar issue.

Was supposed to a a phone line installed on 13th April. I received a phonecall on 12th April to say my broadband activation would be delayed by 1 day due to a technical issue found when testing the line, but the telephone would still be installed on the 13th. I waited in on the 13th for the engineer, but one didn't turn up Smiley Mad


I callled BT and they didn't seem to know what was going on, but said there would be an update on the 16th April. I called back on the 16th and was told the line would be installed on the 17th, but they would need to check with Openreach. I was then called back and transferred to Openreach for me to talk to them, of course Openreach refused to talk to me as they are not supposed to.


I then called BT back and this time got a UK call centreSmiley Happy This time they did check with Openreach and were told that they needed to install new cable and that there wouldn't be another update from Openreach until 8th May. I was also told that Openreach knew on the 10th April that my line would not be installed on the 13th, but no one at BT could be bothered to tell me about it.


Even if the line had been installed on the 13th I wouldn't have been able to use the broadband, as the hub wasn't dispatched until that day and I didn't receive it until the 16th.


I have spoken to a few of my new neighbours and it seems we are all being given different dates for when Openreach will have things sorted. It seems like Openreach have no plans in place at all, they have a monopoly for supply of telephone lines and get told by the builder when houses are going to be finished but don't have lines in place in time. I did notice yesterday that one house which isn't complete has an external NTE installed, we don't even have that yet.


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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Don't believe it happens just to new build. I live on a housing estate of about 130 houses (ex RAF) that were sold off back in the 1980's. The BT connection box is on the road immediately coming into the estate. I placed an order late last October when I bought the house. The BT hub was delivered on the alloted day and an engineer turned up just afterwards (9th November). I already had the line from the house to the connection box but it had been disconnected some time previous by the original occupiers. I was then told that he'd found out that there were no additional lines available into the village from the exchange. Anyway he tested my line back to the box. All OK. Told me i wasn't the only one waiting and off he went.


One week later I wrote in and complained (I've written in several times since) as nothing seemed to be happening. Yes, I've had countless follow ups since, phone calls, sms. Meanwhile the date has shifted to December, January, March. I saw groundworks taking place (December through to March, then again in April), all the while thinking, yippee my line is coming. Someone was supposed to have turned up in March (learnt afterwards that the work outside wasn't complete - nice to be kept informed) and same again last week. Still no sign of my phone line getting active. Even the woman that I contact using a PIN (that rarely works) has gone strangely quiet again - said she would come back to me on Thursday. Doesn't augur well for good news when that happens. 


What I do find rather bad is that I learnt, a couple of days ago, via one of my neighbours that someone who moved into another empty house not a stones throw from me, a few months after me and has had a new connection done and is live. Is my blood boiling? Too right it is. Getting onto 6 months and still no line. I've even started going down the Ombudsman route but that is taking a lot of time - they say it might be a couple of months before anything happens on that front. Yes, BT have given me access to the internet by using BTFon - only after I suggested it though (thank you kind neighbours) but that isn't ideal by anymeans. I get disconnected frequently or it plays up when it comes to logging off losing minutes. As for keeping in touch with the family. At one point they thought I'd died. Mobiles don't work well round these parts, hence the need for a landline. If I had a choice of provider, BT would not be my first choice. As for Openreach. Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself! (One thing I would say is that Openreach appear to do precious little pre-planning. A company knows it's run out of lines but sticks its head in the sand. Or maybe BT doesn't know how many lines they have). Worse, I've even paid £100 upfront. 


What I have been trying to find out, is there a legal (regulation or law) time limit by which BT is suppose to supply a line. Such info seems to be missing or very hard to find. Another letter to my MP. As for accepting an order and taking money in advance when the equipment or the lines just don't exist. To me that falls in the category of scams and scammers.

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Hi Mosylyharmless and Idonno


Sorry to read about your experiences I can certainly understand your feelings on this. Orders can be delayed but you should always be kept up to date and aware of what actions are being taken on your behalf.


Please send us in an email using the contact us link in my profile and we will investigate what is happening with your respective orders.





Community ModeratorStuartH
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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

Thanks for the offer StuartH but it seems events are moving afoot. Today, I received a letter from the Ombudsman who has made an award (derisory, I might add) even though the line still hasn't been installed. I might end up going via the small claims Courts on this.  


A couple of things have come out in the letter. The actual date that Openreach are working towards i.e. 2nd May. And it would appear that there is no time limit when it comes to installing a line. If BT/Openreach take 2 years, they take two years. As far as utilities go, the telecom sector must be unique in that they can offer to connect a line and supply a number, even if they have no means of getting it working in a reasonable time scale. Smoke screens and mirrors come to mind. 


I also received a phone call from the woman working in the complaints department on an update; although she did mention right at the end that my MP was being kept informed of the siituation. :-) Must be my email that I sent him last night making waves. One thing I have learnt from past experience, if you are having a big problem, get a politiciian involved. They make laws :-) Who knows, he might even suggest to the government what I suggested i.e. that a time limit for the installation of lines be brought into law. Now that would concentrate minds wonderfully in the telcom sector.


As for me, I might finally be getting a working line by the end of this week. I'll believe it when it actually happens. So much water has passed under the bridge.

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Re: What a nightmare to live in a new built property!

We had a very similar problem when we moved into a new build flat.


I placed my order on the 20th December as we had just moved into a new build flat. I couldn’t place the order online as it would not recognise my postcode so I called and placed the order on the phone. I spelt out each part of my address to the lady I was talking to making sure it was correct and she even repeated it all back to me so we could double check that it had been written down properly. I was told that as it was a new build a survey would have to take place before the line could be installed. I was assured that the survey on the phone line would be done within the next 3 days and I would then hear from someone to confirm the time of my appointment to connect the phone line.


I didn’t hear anything from anyone at BT about the survey or my appointment but I let it go due to it being Christmas. However I did not hear anything from BT again until the 3rd January 2012 to tell me that my engineer appointment would be on the 25th January from 8am-1pm. However I noticed on the email that my address was incorrect. They had put down another property which wasn't in the development but which was further down the road on which the development had been built.


I immediately used BT's online form to ask for the address to be changed and I was called back eventually by someone in an Indian call centre who assured me that they could change the address. I then spent time painstakingly going through the correct address with them, spelling each word etc, as before, and they said they had changed it and everything would now be fine. I did request that a confirmation email be sent to me to show me that the address had been changed but was told this was not possible. I accepted this and assumed it was all sorted out.


However I received a reminder email for the engineer appointment from BT on the week of the 23rd January 2012 and was horrified to see that the address was still wrong as before. I had been assured that the details on my account had been changed to reflect the correct address but this was not the case. I had to call again, and again got through to a call centre in India, where I again spelt out the whole address and was told that everything would be changed and if they couldn’t change the actual address on the order then they had definitely put a note on the order stating my full and correct address.


On Wednesday 25th January 2012, the day of my engineer appointment I got a call at about 11.15 from the engineer asking where I lived. I gave him the correct address and he promptly arrived not long afterwards. ( I would like to state now that the engineer was nothing but helpful and I can in no way fault his customer service, attitude or conduct) When he arrived he said that there had been a huge mistake with the order – as my address had been put down wrong from the beginning the phone line had been wired into the wrong box and instead of being in the box outside the development where all the other telephone lines for the development were, it had been put in one up the other end of the road. The engineer said that he should be able to sort it out and after doing the initial work in the flat he went outside to fix the mistake.


It took the engineer 3 hours to sort out this mistake and I am grateful that he knew what he was doing otherwise it would have all been a lost cause and we would have needed to start from the beginning. Once he left I got straight on the phone to BT and tried to sort out the mess of the wrong address. However, due to the mistake, none of the 6 people I ended up speaking to could locate my account. I had people assuring me that I had opened a business account, which is not the case; it is a residential line, they told me I lived at No.77 of some road which was nowhere near my address. They kept telling me that the only address registered to my new phone number was that of Barratt Homes, the people who built the flats but that there was nothing registered in my name.


This went on for the entire day. As I had received no paperwork from BT, due to the wrong address, I had no account details or number to help them locate the account and was getting increasingly frustrated. Eventually someone managed to find my account and gave me a 10 digit account number but they still were unable to sort out the issue with the address. I ended up trying one last time and got through to an English member of staff, who was able to understand my issues and brought up my account with the help of the 10 digit account number. Unfortunately he was unable to change my address but he did confirm that it was not written at all correctly on my account and that a mistake had been made by whoever took the order and then compounded by the people who had told me they had changed it when in fact they had just made the situation worse.


I was eventually able to change the address, a few days later, and was able to order my broadband. When I orderd the broadband I made doubly sure that they definitly had the right address and assumed everything was sorted out.


I had a working phone line for 3 days before coming home one day to see that there was a fault. It was reported and told that it would be fixed. When the engineer came round 2 weeks later to look at it, he knew what was wrong straight away. When the broadband had been ordered someone had changed the address on their system back to the wrong address that had initially been put on my account. This turned out to be a Doctors surgery down the road. My phone line had been disconnected from my flat and reconnected to the Drs surgery by someone at BT. The engineer again went and sorted this out and got my phone working again. My broadband was eventually delivered and I have had no further problems - touch wood. I did a massive amount of complaining and the only way that my problem got dealt with was because I emailed Warren Buckley and within 2 hours I had a senior BT person promising me that everything was sorted out and that nothing like this would ever happen again etc.


Sorry for the long post...essentially you have to keep complaining until it's sorted out..

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