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What are BT & EE up to ?

So I have BT Fibre 2 package.  I got a letter from BT today saying I have a free upgrade to EE Full Fibre 100.

So I used the link supplied in the letter and then states I'm already a BT Customer.  But when I log in to My BT, at the top of the screen is a option for EE, I click that and nothing is free .

BT are REALLY doing their best to totally confuse customers whether they are with BT and EE.

Gigaclear have supposedly installed Full Fibre in my street, but reading reviews about Gigaclear and also reading local social media about neighbours changing to them is a complete nightmare, so I'm not touching Gigaclear.

What I don't understand is what exactly are BT (EE) offering me ?

I simply want to know if BT will give me full fibre into my house and I have NOTHING to do with Gigaclear.

I'm surprised BT still exist !!

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Re: What are BT & EE up to ?

Would have thought Gigaclear being an altnet would be the best option, generally these guys offer way better upload speeds, for example Truespeed in my area were doing 600/600 for less than I pay for 900/100 with BT....Truespeed however didnt do my street which was annoying.

Companies like Gigaclear install their own fibre network and sell their own products, for the sake of this post, pretty much everything else is Openreach Infra (Copper or Fibre) and then many ISP's can sell their product down Openreach's gear, such as EE or BT.

You are in a good spot because you can order Gigaclear and still maintain your existing BT service, so once Gigaclear goes live then you can cancel the BT one, if there are any issues with the new provision you wont be cut off. Moving from Openreach Copper to Openreach fibre sometimes can be problematic whilst generally your existing service is removed with the new one going in on the same day, any issues with the new one and you are offline.

I've not heard generally Gigaclear are bad, my friend has them out in his rural farmhouse because they cover more rural areas I think, Gigaclear along with other altnets have far better pricing in my opinion. If I was you I would go with Gigaclear then when that contract nears and end go with one of the Openreach ISP's like BT, EE etc...that way you will be a new customer twice and get new customer deals.

Might wanna enter your details here first and see what you can get:

Fibre Checker (

My apologies in advance if you are not in an Openreach area, renders most of my post useless.

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