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What is a claim form, says 150 operator

I have recently been in touch with your customer care operatives, who have, on May 8th 2013 and June 13th, told me that they have sent me a claim form to enable me to claim compensation from you for services NOT provided. I also contacted your customer care team on 26th June, to inform them that the form had still not been received. The operator promised to phone back the next day after 5 p.m. but, guess what! They obviously need additional training on how to dial a number, because no call was received, despite me getting home early and staying in all evening.


I set out below the sequence of events that has prompted my complaint, along with a breakdown of costs incurred.


Early January 2013: BT was advised that customer is moving house by the end of January and that a new line will have to be installed as there is no existing line to the house.


14.01.2013: Paid BT £129 for annual line rental.


31.01.2013: BT surveying the line a day early. Customer’s son at home showed engineer around. Engineer called Customer to confirm that there is no line to the house and that this was a new installation. Information BT knew at time of accepting order. Engineer indicated that a surveyor will have to come and survey the property.


1.02.2013: BT appointment to connect line. Customer assumed that the surveyor would come on the day of the appointment as agreed with BT. Therefore took time off work to let BT in. No contact from BT surveyor.


          Customer contacted BT to ask about surveyor, it turns out that the surveyor had visited the site at about 11 a.m. but did not call. He just looked and confirmed that there was no line. Customer waited in ALL day for the surveyor!


07.02.2013: BT surveying the line for the third time. Customer at home, no contact, information or update from BT.


08.02.2013: Customer phoned up BT for update and was told that a technical solution would be found by 22.02. (that does not mean installing the line, only finding a solution!) and customer would be informed on 25.02.2013.


19.02.2013: BT have been, installed a cable from the neighbours to the customer’s external wall. Customer not contacted by BT.


25.02.2013: No update from BT.


27.02.2013: Customer phoned BT and was told that they had to source traffic lights because they had to upgrade the cable across the main road. Apparently none of the three engineers who had been previously to survey the line realized that this was required. BT promised to update customer on 06.03.2013.


01.03.2013: Customer received a text asking them to make an appointment to have the connection made (this is laying a cable through the wall and installing a socket). When phoning BT the customer was told the next available appointment was 15.03.2013.


04.03.2013: Customer phoned BT to ask if there was a possibility of speeding the process up. BT suggested trying to fasttrack the order and promised update within 48 hours.


06.03.2013: No update from BT regarding fasttrack. Customer’s partner phoned BT but ran out of money on her prepaid halfway through (calling BT twice on ‘free’ number: £10) and was not called back by BT even they had noted her number. Customer phoned BT and was told there was no news on the fasttracking because BT Openreach had not acknowledged appointment yet. This was a week after the appointment had been made. BT promised update within 1 day.


07.03.2013: Update from BT by text: The text stating that the customer would be updated on 11.03.


11.03.2013: No update from BT.


15.03.2013: Appointment to have line installed: Customer took time off work. BT not showing up. Customer phoned up BT to inquire. BT very apologetic and made new appointment for 19.03.


19.03.2013: Appointment to have line installed: BT apparently did something at the exchange but did not come to customer’s house to connect line nor they did inform the customer who – again - had taken time off work. Customer phoned BT for update. BT again very apologetic and mentioning compensation. New appointment for 21.03.2013.


21.03.2013: Appointment to have line installed: Customer again took time off work. Line installed.


15/03/2013: BT sends bill for telephone services including a charge for not achieving our minimum call commitment!! When there was no service being supplied by BT.


 Cost accrued:

£20 in prepaid mobile phone

£50 increased mobile phone costs

Customer took four days off work @ £90/day £360

Apparent compensation offered by your daily rate rental credit is £15.45 x 3 x 4 = 185.4/365 x 80days = £40.63 which I assume is added after you have applied the credit to the account. This is insufficient to cover our costs, therefore we will also apply for Actual financial loss.

3 missed appointments @ £10.



Customer took four days off work

No phone line for 2 months

Incomprehensible bills

No mention on subsequent bills of compensation

No apology for the massive inconvenience.

High levels of stress and frustration with no apparent concern for the customer by BT.

Not offered call diversion to mobile phone as per BT Code of Practice.


Around 8th May 2013 (You have the actual date on your system) contacted BT and requested a claim form. I was told it would be posted next day.  It was never received.


Contacted BT again on 13 June 2013, eventually got through your 150 operator to someone in billing, who again arranged for the claim form to be posted next day. Still not received.


Contacted BT again on 26th June 2013. Told by 150 operator that he would look into the situation and call back the following day after 5pm.  No call received.


Frankly BT and BT Customer Service Management should be extremely embarrassed by this complete lack of professionalism and lack of care for the customer.  

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Re: What is a claim form, says 150 operator

Why not just write in.also make your messages shorter, it's not an essay
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Re: What is a claim form, says 150 operator

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only, where forum members, who are only BT customers, can help each other with BT Retail products and services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.

If your problem cannot be resolved here, then your problem can be passed on to the UK based, BT Care team.

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