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Where do I find terms and conditons ?

Hi all,


Had enough of BT, time to change.

Unfortunatly there is no LLU in my village so I am limited in choice.


My contract ends on the 9th April 2016 and I have paid for line rental up front.


I am trying to find the terms and conditons of my contract to see when I can change providers without penalties/charges and if I would get refunded for any difference along with other useful contract information.


I have searched and searched but I cannot find these T&S for my contract. There are general help from the Q&A sections but I would have expected some form of link on my account page to tell me in detail about my contract!


Does anyone know where I can find these please?


I have spoken to BT a few times today, which has now pushed me over the edge, different information from different people and going round in circles, trying to explain. Most of my day wasted on this.


Can anyone clarify the situation for me with facts please.

Quite simple, I am on a year contract with BT, started on 10th April 2015, paid up front 1 year for line rental with monthly bill for calls and broadband.

I wish to change broadband and phone but don't want to be subject to penalties and charges.

What would be the earliest date I could change supplier?

Do I need to cancel with BT or would that be done by the new supplier?

If I have time left, (part way through month) would I get a refund at all?


What I have been told so far...

I can cancel anytime within the last 3 months of my contract without penalties.

I can cancel anytime within the last 30 days without penalties.

I can cancel anytime within the last 14 days without penalties.

I will receive a refund of all unused from cancelation to end of contract.

I will not recieve any refund of unused from cancelation to end of contract.

I will have to pay £17.66 to cancel the contract

I must inform them of the date to end the contract and services.

I don't have to inform them of the date of the new services (as the new service providers will do this).


There are lots of other conflicting information I have been told so no idea where I stand at the moment.


Any help please?






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Re: Where do I find terms and conditons ?

I would strongly advise waiting until April 11th and then contacting the new provider to arrange a transfer of your phone and broadband services. That way there will be no argument about early termination charges. The new provider will handle everything so no need for you to give notice to BT. The new provider transfer request will usually be taken as the required 14 day notice by BT I believe. BT will then contact you to confirm you initiated the transfer request.

That way you may end up paying an additional week or two at a higher rate after any BT discounted broadband or line rental period has ended but it avoids all the arguments about penalty charges.

The final bill from BT should include any refunds for payments made a month in advance where applicable.

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Re: Where do I find terms and conditons ?

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Re: Where do I find terms and conditons ?

Thanks again Umpire.

Your busy today!

I think that I will speak to the new provider and see what they say about taking the line over. If I can get them to do it on the 10th April, then that should be a clean break.





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