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Which prices changed on the 28th August

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I noticed a large reduction in the cost of ADSL broadband, of £15.50. I seem to remember reading something about this a while back, but I cannot find it anywhere on the BT website.

This is what shows now.


I am not complaining, as it now means I only pay £29.99 for broadband and calls instead of £45.49. I wonder if anyone else with ADSL has noticed this?

Perhaps @-Richie-  or one of the other bill experts can point to the  update information?

I suspect that the line rental element has now been integrated into the total cost, as I am on one of the old packages.

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Re: Which prices changed on the 28th August

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It's a free reduction mate, BT are really going full out with offers, freebies and upgrades.

ADSL customers that can have fibre get free upgrades.
Fibre customers get free Halo upgrades.
ADSL customers who can't get fibre get a price cap of £29.99

All changes have no impact on contract durations, even legacy weekend calls still included, I would guess BT are looking at ways to reward loyalty and avoid losing customers.

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Re: Which prices changed on the 28th August

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Thanks @-Richie- 

Its nice to see a price reduction 😀

I can get "fibre" (FTTC) , but I choose to stay on ADSL for technical and reliability reasons, based on my own experiences working on externally sited equipment. I like to keep it nice and simple, with all the equipment in the exchange kept dry, and fully powered up..

Only my wife and I using the Internet, so the 12Mb connection we get, is more than enough.

Just to add, my first connection, on the same cable, was 500Kbs, which was a vast improvement on dial-up broadband. It then was upgraded to 2Mbs, and now finally 12Mbs.