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Who do I Officially write a complaint to

Hi all recently I have renewed my contract with BT I have been a customer for 35 years plus never missed a bill or payment in that time, we have been paying Direct Debit for year on monthly payment plan .I renewed my contract on the 25th Sept 2018 for 18 months .I was signed up for fibre plus at a cost of 59.99 including By Sports on my Sky box. I checked my bt online and £177 was due even though payments have been taken out previous on the 1st of each month I phoned by up and the Woman was from Swansea was very abrupt spoke to me like I was a kid saying the 177£ was for 3 months upfront ..I knew quite well and had the screen upfront of me that I was billed in advance for my old service on the 22nd sept to 21st dec but she was having none. .i said ok then put down the phone ...i remember i had 14 days to cancel and change my mind of ghe new contract .i went online and looked at EE .within 10 mins of looking EE phoned me and iffered me a very good package but meaning my bt sport on sky would cost a lot . I signed up with EE . Then 10 mins lster i had BT on the phone asking ANd pleading me nog to leave. And that the £177 had to be paid ...after 3 days of no calls I got a call from Bt offered me a good deal not to be refused so i took it cancelled EE I was then put through to billing where they still insisted I pay this 177 .I paid £90 from it the Woman said on the phone it would all work out by December next billing period.i was also advised to stop the direct debit with my bank...I did .one week later all my services got cut off. I phoned up and explained and within 19 mins all up n running again. And they apologized and said this would not happen again ...I checked my bt online it showed another Bill of £28.59 and showed refunds for old service..this Bill was for 29th October... WE WAS CUT OFF AGAIN yesterday even though Bill was paid in full...the morale of this is I want to pay monthly like I have always done ..please can be someone point me in right direction to complain. Excuse spelling as offshore on a boat in middle of the North Sea
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Re: Who do I Officially write a complaint to

@Dccoxswain I'm so sorry about your recent experience, if a bill is produced before a change of contract takes place we don't issue an amended bill but what happens is you get a credit for the difference on the following bill. This is the same for everyone and we can't change that but it should have been properly explained to you and it sounds like the advice provided has not been great and I'm sorry you've been disconnected again.  

The mod team are busy at the moment so it would take us a day or two to get back to you if you send in your details on the click here to contact the mods link. You can find that if you click my username.

Alternatively if you need to speak to someone urgently about this I'd recommend our billing live chat team who can be contacted on this link.

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