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Why is my packages information so easy to access?

If you are looking for "how to find package info, prices, and other essential information", go right ahead and skip this post. 



Yes of couse im joking.
I don't normally make complaints, but this problem has plagued me since 2009. Its so bad I felt the need to make an account just to address this.

Go to "my packages" page, 

Hey look, heres your packages, let me just hide all the numbers and prices for you.

Whats that love? you wanna know your internet usage to see if you can downgrade to a cheaper plan? Let me just hide that info since you are on an unlimited data plan.

You wanna know dates which offers, packages, contracts start/end? good luck with that!

If you want to know your package information you have to call up the BT helpline, wait 3 hours for an operator from india who, for those of you (like me) who are hard of hearing will literally, will literally have no chance of working out what they are saying. After being thrown around like a ball from "customer help desk" to "packages team" n amount of times, you might if you are very lucky, reach someone who can be bothered to check for you!

And your questions about when you package started, when it will end, what your package prices and other essential information is which you would think would take less than 30 seconds to access on the webpage, has just taken 6 hours from your day off from work! Lovely! I started calling from 11:30am, I finally got what i wanted at 6pm. I guess if you urgently need something, You'd be better off sending a fax or an email.

This isnt the first time, I have been with BT for a very, very long time; not because of their service, prices and customer care, but because my area doesnt have any other choices. If I did, I would change in a heartbeat. Heart

Seriously, package information, costs and dates would be such necessity, yet its hidden like government secrets which you need to call up to ask for - and before that, they need to bombard you with "security questions" just to make sure you are who you claim to be.Smiley Mad Like a burglar on the off chance breaks into my home, uses my landline to call up BT just to check up on my package prices.

I seriously do hope someone looks at this post, and realise its time to change, and do something about it.


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