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Will be charged for BT Sport Lite if contract not renewed

I found some threads from the past on this issue, when BT made changes with regard to charging for Sport Lite unless the broadband package was renewed, but nothing more recent to see if anyone's still getting what I'm seeing now. Apologies if I missed something.

I check MyBT every quarter or two to catch up with downloading bills, and when I did so last night saw this banner at the top of my homepage:
Your BT Sport discount is about to end.
Simply renew your BT Broadband contract today to avoid paying £6.75 a month for BT Sport Lite.

BT Care image re BT Sport Lite.jpg

The last time my package changed was in Jan 2014, to Unlimited Faster Broadband. I have never subscribed to BT Sport since it launched the previous year, or had BT Sport Lite, and have zero interest in doing so.

From MyBT, the Package Overview screen shows it's not part of my package. It's never been listed on my bills, even at no charge.

I'm out of contract, and don't need to renew anything as I'm fine with the package I'm on. The only circumstances I could foresee in which a new contract was needed would be if there was the certainty of a substantially higher speed which, to get it, could involve upgrading to another plan. I imagine this would trigger a new contract, but as there seems little prospect of such speeds where I am in the foreseeable future, I'll trundle along as I have been, on the current package.

At present I've no plans to move from BT (had the number and account for 10 years), but it's worrying to see this banner with -- as it's worded -- an explicit "threat" to begin charging me for something I've never had and don't want.

I had to call BT today about an unrelated email issue, so asked them about this Sport Lite banner at the same time. The guy couldn't help with it and said he'd need to pass me through to Sales to ask there. The next guy I spoke to (in Sales) thought at first I was referring to an email received, but when I repeated that it was on my homepage he said he'd never had anyone mentioning this banner before, and he could see for himself that my package did not include anything to do with BT Sport/Sport Lite. He was at a loss to explain it or why it was there, but on the basis that it wasn't included in my package now, felt I could disregard it. Quote: "It's definitely not on your account so you definitely won't be charged."

Well, that's encouraging if it turns out to be the case, but it doesn't remove my concern over what seems equally definite wording in the banner that I WILL be charged unless I take a certain course of action.

Has anyone else had this issue currently or recently, or had this banner appear on their page for no good reason? Did you take it up with BT at all, and if so what has been the end result?


Would be glad to hear, and many thanks.

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Re: Will be charged for BT Sport Lite if contract not renewed

I suggest you recontract as you will most likely get a reduced monthly payment as you are now on a monthly contract

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Re: Will be charged for BT Sport Lite if contract not renewed

Yes, I have seen the same banner at the top of MyBT web page too. I agree it does look worrying and a threat to re-contract or be charged.

Simply renew your BT Broadband contract today to avoid paying £6.75 a month for BT Sport Lite.

Never had BT Sport lite or want it.


I am also now out of contract for my broadband, but waiting for my line rental saver to end in a couple of weeks plus a contract to end on my Family SIM.


I was offered a new 24 mth contract deal on MyBT sometime ago, but most certainly don't want that. I usually ring retentions (0800 800 030) for a new deal each year.

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Re: Will be charged for BT Sport Lite if contract not renewed

I also came across the banner announcing the BT Sport discount was about to end (when I followed a link in an email from BT for a discount on BT Infinity) and if I did nothing or did not renew my contract I would be automatically charged £6.75 a month


I had originally subcribed to BT Sport when it was free via the online app.  I then got caught out for additional charges (my fault for missing a warning on a "do nothing" email) when BT ended the free BT Sport Pack and you had to call to downgrade to BT Sport Lite if you wanted to keep watching a reduced content BT Sport for free.


It appears they are using the same process again and if you "do nothing" you will incur a charge.


I rang sales today on 0800 800 150 had a "discussion" with Jack and we decided I was going to cancel BT Sport Lite.  You have to give 30 days notice by the way.


I received an email confirming the cancellation...........

We're sorry to hear your news, but thanks for letting us know.

These services will stop on 25 Sep 2017: BT Sport Lite



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Re: Will be charged for BT Sport Lite if contract not renewed

Very grateful for the replies.


@john46  Right now, while the notice is there on the page, it would seem (to myself I mean) I was caving in to BT's implicit threat of being charged unless I recontracted, which I'd resent at any time but particularly when I've never even had a Sport subscription! Otherwise, good plan and thanks -- I'll save it for the future, once the banner's (hopefully) disappeared 🙂


@Trace-T  Evidently it's not just me who has it splashed over their account page, when they've never had anything to do with Sport or Sport Lite, and don't want it.

Quote: "I agree it does look worrying and a threat to re-contract or be charged."

Yes, hardly endearing is it!

Thanks for the retentions tip and number, which I'll call at some point


@sofa_tester  Thanks - interesting to hear your experience. It's not exactly my situation as I've never subscribed to Sport, but very helpful all the same, as my brother also has the same "do nothing and we'll charge you" notice on his account page, and unlike me he does have BT Sport Lite listed in his package, and also itemised on his bills at no cost.


He doesn't ever remember asking for or subscribing to Sport/Sport Lite (my guess is it could have been "thrown in" when he had the line in 2014, but it went in one ear and out the other!), and he's certainly never made use of it, but had never done anything about it as he wasn't being charged, so it seemed "harmless" till now.


Useful to know what you did today (glad you got it sorted out), so he'll be doing the same -- being sure to give 30 days' notice -- and was glad of the tip.

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