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Will you recommend anyone to bt???...

I left sky to move to bt only because I wanted bt sports for the champions league and sky was not offering that service. It like leaving an ok relationship in search for a better one but instead find yourself in a worse relationship but u can not leave because of the kids. In this case bt is bad relationship and the contract is the kids. The customer service team is really poor at their job. I woke up this morning with my services down, I phone in and the first adviser I spoke with hang the call off because I asked him to give me 5 minuets to find my customer number, when I phone back in to explain what I went through with the first customer service advisor he didn’t stop to think that I am not happy but better still talk over me. I then tried to explain that I make arrangements to clear up my account on Friday 17th August he went in confrontation mode saying my account was blocked because I didn’t pay my bills and the extension time slot is 7days. I tried to make him understand that bt customer service team is really poor at their job just by everything I experienced that I can’t recommend anyone to bt. This isn’t the first time. It is the fourth times this happening the first three was my internet being very slow but for every time when I call back in to cancel my services I will speak to one of the good once I was asked to upgrade my service. Right now I can only take enough if this continues, my only option is to leave and for me personally I won’t recommend anyone to use this service.
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Re: Will you recommend anyone to bt???...

Hi @ManassahTaylor welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry your services stopped working this morning, and for the problems you had getting this resolved. You mentioned that the adviser talked about an extension time of 7 days - have your services been reconnected in the meantime?

If you'd like for us to review your account and make sure everything is in order, please feel free to send us your details and we'll get back to you.

You can find our contact form by clicking on my username and going to the "Click here to contact the mods" link.


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