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Worst customer service known to man

How is it that BT can charge for somehing and not deliver?

Whilst I was in contract everything was fine, broadband speed was always over 60MB and phone was reliable.

Contract finished, the service became more expensive, charges made for stuff that I didn't ask for and to top it all off, my phone and braodband has gone back to the dark ages. I now get 7MB with everything the same except with the new hub and my phone line is so bad that it cannot be used, the crackling is so loud that you cannot hear the other person speak. Oh add to that my number has been changed, so not been returned to the proper one even after many calls to get things rectified.

I want a BT engineer to sort, there will be a cost if it's our fault. I'm not in contract so of course it will be our fault.

Thankfully I shall be moving in a month or so, the original reason for not updating my contract, and i will never use BT again, nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. After countless calls and time spent on online chat, I give up!

BT, your service is rubbish and customer service the worst.


Rant over, I hope no-one else has problems, but with BT, you will soon as your contract is up!

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Re: Worst customer service known to man

is the noise heard when you connect a phone to the test socket if it is then you need to report it as a noisy line to faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call once fixed your broadband will return to normal this fault is nothing to do with you being out of contract
unless you move to an area wit cable available regardless of which provider you move to you will still be using the same Openreach network and engineers the fault is nothing to do with BT
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Re: Worst customer service known to man

Realistically, if you're not willing to allow an engineer to come out and investigate the fault, it's not going to fix itself.


Openreach charge a call-out fee if the fault is not down to them.  That would be either (a) it's your own extension wiring or equipment, or (b) the fault is within your property and is because of damage or neglect by you.


This call-out fee could apply to everybody with a fault - in contract or out of contract.  It's levied by Openreach and is then forwarded on to the customer by their provider.  It applies to any service that uses Openreach lines, regardless of who the provider is.

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