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Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscription still linked to BT

BT have recently cancelled my Xbox Ultimate Game Pass as they thought it had been added fraudulently.  I have been refunded but, when I log into Microsoft, it says my subscription is still managed by BT and I can't unlink it.

I've logged into my BT account but I can't find a way of unlinking the two accounts. I can't even find anywhere in BT that shows anything to do with Xbox game pass.

Can someone please help!

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Re: Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscription still linked to BT

Same problem. This is the worst experience I've ever had. I've been using Fiber 900 for three months; when I signed up, they promised a free game pass ultimate for 12 months. During these three months, they first added me a game pass for one month; for the second month, they wrote off money for it, then they said it for 12 months, and then the other day, they cancelled it with the same as yours.

This is such a small thing, but it annoys BT. Why do you provide the service as bad? There have been a lot of messages on this forum for several years now about XBOX subscription.

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Re: Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscription still linked to BT

I find that the broadband and phone service is very reliable but if you have a problem with the other services then their support team & website is lacking.

I've been onto their online chat yesterday and they said they removed the ultimate game pass and it should become unlinked on the 20th Feb when the free month runs out. According to the last email I received it had already been removed so I don't what the support agent did if anything. I kept a log of the chat so if it doesn't I can complain.

I've had other issues in the past with the double data Halo benefit on one of my mobile SIMS which they claim to have sorted only for the problem to return the next month. In the end I gave up reporting the issue after they had 3 attempts to fix it and couldn't.


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