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You order broadband has been cancelled.

Hi There

First of all I am new to BT, and I am moving on the 8th of december to a new flat and I wanted to get a Broadband Package, so on 21th of November so before I move in I would have everything ready.Sadly the Engineer supposed to come today on the 7th December but didnt came.I have checked the Order and it says that my broadband order has been cancelled.I have called the support and they said that they will call me back on the 8th of December about this.

First of all why I didnt get any email about that it has been cancelled, and the day before on 6th of December why I did get the Modem delivered. What am I supposed to do with that. That is the minimum that i would get notified by atleast an email that something is going wrong.I am really upset and disappointed

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Re: You order broadband has been cancelled.

Welcome to this user forum.

Has the order for a phone line gone through, as normally the phone line has to be working before broadband can be provided?

Openreach, who provide the network, may have come across a problem. As you are moving in tomorrow, hopefully you will get an update, and you can check that the phone line is working.




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