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another Complaint

You have my deepest sympathy!

I don't think I have any nerves left after our recent exchanges with the politicians employed at BT. I call them politicians because they are adept at never giving you a straight answer!


2 Sept - Move house and inform BT. Told that we will have our services reconnected on 12 Sept at the new address.

4 Sept - Contact BT to let them know that we don't have a dedicated socket at the new house for Broadband & ask if an engineer will be required to sort this out. They have no record of my house move.

5 Sept - Get a callback from a lady who insists I ring her from my landline - I don't have one because they haven't connected it yet!

6 Sept - Ring again to get an update but again they have no record of our housemove request. 3rd attempt seems successful but we have to wait until 14 Sept to get our services at the new house.

14 Sept - Landline works but broadband doesn't

After numerous phone calls, we finally get Broadband back on 26 Sept. Having been told that we wouldn't need an engineer to the address, we received a card through our door saying that an engineer called but couldn't gain access. There's a VERY good reason for that - nobody had told us he was coming!!

During the week of 26 Sept we received two emails saying that BT were sorry to see us go and asking us to return our equipment. Confused by this, we rang BT but were told not to worry because this was related to our services being disconnected at our old address.


3 Oct - Woke up to discover our Broadband has been disconnected! Not only would they not explain this to us, we were told that we would have to wait until 14 Oct to have it reconnected. On top of this, they had also changed our call plan to Weekends only so we have been charged nearly £10 for calls made during the evenings which they won't refund.


8 Oct - Received a text message at just after 5.30pm saying to expect a phone call "within the next few moments" - the call came on Tuesday 11 Oct to inform me that they couldn't speed the reconnection up & we'd have to wait until Friday 14 Oct. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


13 Oct - Managed to get my latest bill to find that the refunds are all wrong and the bill makes no sense. I used the Live chat and on the 3rd person was told that they'd offer me £25 but wouldn't refund the call charges.


I've lost count of the number of times I've been promised that our service reconnection would be expedited. I've lost count of the number of times I've been promised that someone will call me & then they don't! I've been given the numbers of 3 dedicated "service agents" who promise they will stay with us until the problem is resolved but then don't answer the telephone when you ring them.

I've been offered a discount on my Broadband (if I ever get it back) but then find that this discount is already being offered to new customers. I feel insulted and totally worn out by this whole sorry mess.

In a way it helps knowing that we're not alone but for goodness sake, COME ON BT, you'll soon have no customers left if you carry on treating loyal, paying customers like this.

I've taken advice from Trading Standards and if I don't get any resolution (& I've got little confidence of that) I'll have to find the last drop of energy I have to go through the Communications Ombudsman. Happy days!!




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Re: another Complaint

Hi @neal269 and welcome.


I'm really sorry you're having so many problems getting connected. Moving house is stressfull enough without having to deal with chasing up your order as well. I'll be happy to lend a hand with this if you wish. Can you please drop me over an email with your details, including any order references you might have? You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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