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Can someone from BT respond to this - I'm not supposed to phone and can't see any other way of contacting BT.

My current contract (Fibre 1, phone, broadband and TV) ends 11 May.  My contract is Broadband, phone (with free evening and w/e calls) at £52.49 less discount £14.50, ie £37.99 per month, plus TV at £21 less discount £3.50, ie £17.50 per month, ie total £55.49pm.  I've just received a bill which shows broadband etc £45.99, less discount £6.67, plus TV at £25 less discount £2.92, ie £22.08, total £61 40.  ie not a single item in my bill corresponds to my contract.  A note says one of my discounts has finished - which one and why has it ended before my contract ends.

Your web page says that if the broadband package started before 10 Jan 2019 the first CPI increase will be March 2021 and the discount for broadband will be extended for 24 months.  My contract started 11 Nov 2018 so this should apply - confirm that it does.

Do I still get the free calls?

You tell me the new charge for broadband etc will be £38.99, ie "£1 more than the current contract" - but you're charging me more than that on my most recent bill.  No where do you say what the new charge for TV is going to be when my contract expires - what is it going to be?  Much mention is made of the BT Sports credit, but nowhere do you say how much - so how much is it?

Finally, when do I get a new hub - I've had mine for ages.

I may be old but still have my marbles - I'm a chartered accountant and recently graduated with a PhD but still can't make sense of your bill.

Cheers, Grimbo


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Re: billing


This is only a customer to customer forum.

You can call this number  0800 800 030, that number is for contract renewals only. They usually answer very quickly, and you can discuss the renewal of your discounts.

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