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bt reward card no where to be found!

me and my partner moved into a flat at the start of november, and stupidly went with now broadband. after about 5 days, we decided to switch over to bt.


i spoke to an online sale person, who advised me that we could go with fiber package, as the previous tenants had it installed, and also left the fiber modem plugged in and attached to the wall, and we wouldn't need to pay the installation costs, happy days! we also signed up on the basis we'd get a £75 cash card.

come december the 5th (our switch over day) we plugged everything in and were really, really happy with everything. fast forward to the 20th of december, and suddenly the hub turned orange, and we had nothing.

we tried everything suggested, until i spoke to a assistant on the online chat who advised me that we didn't have broadband  as part of our account, only a landline....right, that's why i got a home hub...for my landline..the lady was extremely nice and helpful, and eventually organised a call back for the morning of the 21st.

after going through 3 departments (all great guys) it was finally discovered that open reach had failed to gain access to the property to install a fiber line and fiber modem, so our broadband contract had been discontinued. we received no email, phone call or letter from openreach saying anything about this, and 3 line checks had been done on the 21th, saying there was no faults on the line. wed have to wait for open reach to come round and fix a problem they said existed, which didn't, next available date, 10th jan!!!!!

so after the whole christmas period of having friends stay, and enjoying a break from work....with not internet, me and my partner had long burnt through our mobile data allowances, and both had to top up to be faced with a late penalty of bills payment and not being able to get back to work (both self employed). it was not a great christmas.

come monday the 6th of january, and i called bt to check the open reach appointment was still booked for the 10th, nope, no appointment had been made, next available slot, the 25th jan................really?!?!?!

again, i spoke to a great guy, who, amazingly, manage to do a hard reset, which thankfully, 4 hours later our home hub turned blue! 

now to my problem! when we signed up, we were promised a £75 gift card, it was part of the deal, after all these problems, we had to go the entire christmas and new year period with no internet and not be able to properly access accounts due to awful reception in cornwall and facing penalty fines, and using all our data allowances and having to spend an additional £20, my account now says im not entitled to a bt rewards card............this is not cool guys.

not only was i advertised this, i was sold this, and i was told that for all these mistakes, i would get the £100 reward card as some compensation to help with the additional bills  and our christmas being buggered, can someone please tell e whats happening, as after all the great help form a few of our staff members, i find this really, really insulting.


regards, virgil


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Re: bt reward card no where to be found!


Welcome to this customer to customer  forum.

Reward cards cannot be claimed until your service has been active for 14 days.

If you visit this page once 14 days have elapsed, you  should see what has been offered.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: bt reward card no where to be found!

@virgilcain, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm so sorry about all the issues you've had with your BT service over the Christmas period. I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the Moderation team and we'll be happy to help resolve any outstanding problems.

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