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can i defer payment

Hi there

I am hoping I will be able to defer payment of my recent bill for 4 days (payment due 13th march but i dont get my salary til 17th march). Do I need to get permission to do this or will my broadband/phone be suspended. I have tried a number of times to ring the automated service yesterday and today then everytime I get put through to an advisor I get disconnected.


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Re: can i defer payment

No you wont be cut off immediatly, BT will give you 7 days to pay if you are late paying your bill and then they will cut you off, after of course sending you reminder letters first.


I wouldnt advise not paying the bill because you could be charged £7.50 late payment fee.


I'd advise sending an email to the Mods-


They may be able to help (note your account detailing your intentions or move the goalpost of the payment date you currently have.



Hope this helps Smiley Happy

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Re: can i defer payment

Hi there is an automated method for delaying payment dial 150 advise you to persist calling

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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