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cancelation / ETF

I currently have a BT package

 - £18.99 rental

 - £10 Infinity 1 unlimited

These prices rise shortly, though I was notified just OVER 30 days ago......


Co-incidentally I am considerign leaving. Not so much BT being bad but max speed I can get is around 30 Mbps. In fact my profile is capped at 35 Mbps (raw) and I can't get any answer on uncapping. No matter even if this were done it might be 40 max, and Virgin media have just cabled my street and offering 200 Mbps.. (sorry!)


So ETFs...  My Infinity 1 is in 12 months contract until 4 July, whilst my rental is rolliong so I'd assume the ETF would be along the lines of

 - max 1 month line rental (notice period ) - 20% VAT

 - BB until 4 July - 20% VAT


but I'm not sure. I think perhaps the BB rates are higher (if so unfair iMO) and I can't figure out what applies in terms of line rental

Can anyone clarify how charges are calculated? Annoyingly the BT website only offers a link to "call us". NO I want to do this online. Calling is hassle.! At least for early research before "pressing the button"


Of course if I move to a new service I'll run the two overlapping for a month anyway just to be sure.......... 😉

Would I come back to BT? Absolutely! Just give me FTTH !! 300 Mbps will do!

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Re: cancelation / ETF

At OFCOM's insistance, internet providers have now started quoting prices including line rental.  This can get a bit confusing for people on existing deals where they are listed separately.  It looks  like broadband is suddenly really expensive.


If you want to work out for yourself what the termination fees are, then there's a section in the residential price guide for them  If you have received equipment from BT in the last 12 months, it might be cheaper to let the contract run to completion.  You would have to do the sums.


Given that BT were still sending out price rise letters at the tail end of February, I suspect you would be able to get away with phoning them now to cancel.  However, you'd have to give 30 days notice to cancel.  You'd have to decide if that was enough to ensure a smooth transition.  You have to phone - BT offers no alternatives.


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