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claiming my broadband reward

Hi just tried to claim my reward and it said I was allowed can anyone help. Placed my order on the 5 December last year after getting messed around by TalkTalk. Got email confirmation back everything is ok for the 30 December until I got an email saying due to my request they change the date to the 10 January 2017 which I didn't request so phoned up and sent 3 emails which I didn't get any response back the phone calls was a wast of time kept getting transferred to different departments which they couldn't answer my question. So waited until the 10 January engineer came out fitted the phone line the hub came thou the post so set it up and waited the engineer said it be on by midnight turned everything on and it didn't work so yet again phoned up complaining asking why the broadband wasn't working they told me they had cancelled the broadband yet again made another complaint and no answer again by this time getting more and more upset. Got a phone call back saying it be on by the 20 January and they would send an engineer out to fix the problem complained again been waiting since the 5 December for my order they had made an new order and would start on to 20 January by this time found out they had take out a pay from my account which sent me mad taking a payment for an order which I've not got it's a joke now they saying that I didn't place the order on which I've still got the conformation email about my order can anyone help cause this is just getting me more upset.
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Re: claiming my broadband reward

I have asked a forum moderator to help you they will post their contact link here
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Re: claiming my broadband reward

Hi @mark08,


I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had trying to get your services up and running. It sounds like your original order through failed so it was manually replaced which is why it shows that you aren't entitled to a reward. If this is the case, we should be able to help you. Contact us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It'll take us a couple of days to get back to you but we'll make sure we do everything to help you.





Community ModeratorDannyS
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