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default on account


I have an ongoing issue which is severely affecting my credit rating.

I've been a BT customer for years, probably 15plus years.

I had an account for a landline and broadband at my old house and paid by direct debit every month. I moved out and closed the account in 2018 and received a final bill of £18 which I assume was taken by direct debit.

To my knowledge and I'm trying to prove with an old statement requested from my bank this came off the same DD as normal.  Thought nothing more of it yet struggled to get credit last year! checked my equifax and BT have said that I didn't pay the invoice and it was passed to a debt collection agency?! So I now apparently have a satisfied default on my account for 6 years which is having a heavy impact on me getting ANY credit. For £18!!!!

So apparently you own that data on my credit file, which I'm disputing, and ideally want to get to the bottom of whats gone on? I've tried customer services and have an email from Caroline and she also sent equifax an email to ask them to remove any default but that's not happened.


Someone Help....please





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Re: default on account


Welcome to this user forum. Your post here does not go to BT, but there are some BT moderators here who may offer to help.

I did find this information on another thread.

For any queries about your credit file it should be raised directly with Equifax.

 You can find out how to contact them and what happens at the below link:

 Have a question about your credit file?

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