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delay after delay

Hi can someone help me on this?


I moved into my new house on the 14/09/15. I decided when I left my previous address that I would no longer use sky so I cancelled the agreement after 8 years


I ordered bt phone, broadband & tv so I could watch the Aviva premiership rugby games, this was placed on the 19th August 2015. I have had 3 engineers arrive on 02/09,14/09 & 29/09 whom all told me there was a fault 26 steps from the house entry towards the footpath.


I have had completion dates of 05/10, 07/10, 12/10, 15/10, 22/10 & now 5th November 2015 !!

After ranting & raving I get a manager who will see this end to end now as I have made numerous calls to customer services, but he no longer communicates with me .

The managers I now speak to keep apologising for the delays but assures me compensation will be made. each manager will chase open reach who have now gave a date of the 28th October to dig a hole where the fault is! as I have had 5 missed completion dates.

I asked why did the first engineer not request that open reach will have to be called why did the 2nd engineer failed to do the same? But the 3rd engineer was more helpful.

After calling this morning at 8 O'clock requesting a manager to speak to I am told he is in a meeting ??? yea ???. a manager called me back after an hour who was no help at all had no idea of answers to questions I was asking and I gave him 3 options,

Opt 1; I get the hole dug this afternoon by myself.

Opt 2; Open reach dig the hole today.

Opt 3; I will go to Virgin Media (as I am without a bt line I can not go back to sky).

also said I think the ombudsman needs to look into this and he suggested I go to Virgin Media & the ombudsman!

fantastic advert for BT!


I just need truth of when the completion date is as I think I have waited for long enough for this to be completed. 


If anybody can help it would be much appreciated




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Distinguished Sage
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Re: delay after delay

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: delay after delay

Hi Mattb1 and welcome.


I'm really sorry there's been so many delays getting the required work completed. I can check this for you and find out what the delaty is all about. Can you please send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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