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has BT threatened you with DEBT COLLECTORS - Cancellation Charges

This new thread has its roots in three earlier threads:

The start of the war.

In this thread I learned about freezing subscription charges for 18 months. I did just that and posted how pleased I was. Then I complained there that the BT advisor to whom I'd spoken had promised me an email & that it was vital for me to phone the number in the email to get info regarding the cooling-off periods.

I phoned that number three times - the handlers promised to send me a 16-digit code which I needed for them to discuss the cooling-off period with me. But they never did.

So BT sent me a "We're sorry you're leaving us" letter asking for £20 for their equipment (it was MY hub - I'd bought it) but worse still £438.52 for each month left on my contract.***

This letter started the dispute process - the manager who escalated it to the final stage had told me that the 3 handlers who'd failed to send me the 16-digit code were not to blame. They did everything that was expected of them, that it was a system problem (as usual!) that failed to send me the letter with the code.

I told him that they may have done everything expected of them by BT but not by me - because of their delay I was unable to cancel within the cooling-off period.

BT promised twice to phone me within a time-slot but didn't - more apologies but, as they said, they are the biggest provider in the UK not all with the same systems so I must expect problems. Unbelievable.

The person who phoned me yesterday made several factual mistakes** - I won't repeat them as I'm keeping my powder dry for the Ombudsman - and she would NOT accept that they and their mistakes are in any way to blame. She said she would next send in the debt collectors - even before I've had my bill, so I haven't details of how much they want from me.

I'll let you know the outcome and when this is settled I'll speak to my MP.

**I received excellent advice and help from a BT guy in Liverpool yesterday who told me how I can get a transcript of the conversations.


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