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infinity 2 delay in activation useless team that doesnt talk to one another and lies.

I would like to say my change from sky to BT has been a good thing but with all the screw ups and the fact i am always talking to a member of the customer service team who is not british and can barely speak english or be understandable is an understatement.

I cancelled my sky package because i thought spending 60+ pounds a month for the low download speed and not many channels was abit of a joke so i went for the bt infinity 2 package with entertainment plus and movies extra and kids extra equalling around 65£ a month which i was happy with because surely the customer experience would be better then sky? Wrong...

I ordered the package on the 23rd of October. It was in my name but with my partners card due to my wage going into hers and we use the same card. And just as i did this i thought ah i dont want credit team to say there was a  problem due to the account holders name is different to the bill payers name so i hurried along to redo the identical orderr in my partners name with the same details. Straight after this i recieved email confirmations saying both orders had gone through; and i panicked realising the first order went through fully aswell. So i rang the customer service line spoke to a nice indian lady who had difficulty understanding what i was trying to say but after abit of rewording she understood i wanted to know if it mattered if i had my name as main holder and it be okay to go in her card, she said that was fine. so i asked for the account in my partners name Jade to be cancelled and only one to go through. She said she had cancelled Jades and mine was the only one left and i would be able to view my order details online within 48 hours, and would be able to see what date the activation would be.

Dandy i thought wait two days and full speed ahead, so in two days i checked the account online and was still saying you need to wait 48 hours for the account to go online, i thought hmmmm let me just check its gone through okay incase a problem with credit check etc or an error in typing etc. So i rang up again and spoke to another indian person informing me there was two orders on the account one in jades name with just phone line and normal broadband and one in bens name with infinity 1 package. So i said the jade account should of been cancelled and both should of been the same infinity 2 plus package with movies and kids channels etc. So he told me he had edited the details and it was now correct and obviously there had been a mistake on their end. I then got rang up telling me that my order couldnt go through until sky had stopped all services on the bt line which sky told me was the 1st. They told me they Bt had to wait til after the phone line had been disconnected fully they could take over the line and progress with the order. 

On the 2nd they then informed me that the phone line would be taken over on the 11th of november which was fine with me. Between the 2nd and 11th i had some phone calls to myself again saying that there was multiple accounts and multiple times i rang up and confirmed there should be one order in my name with inf 2 with movies etc. So on the 10th we had a text confirmation saying that the line will go active on the 11th and we didnt have to be in for the broadband to go active and we should of had all our hubs etc by now if we hadnt check online for order tracking. I then looked online and still couldnt get onto my account which i hadnt checked the last few days as i had been unwell with a trapped nerve on my neck and shoulder which i was drugged up on morphine tramadol naproxen and diazapan so i wasnt thinking of bt and to check online. So i rang them up again explaining i couldnt see my order tracker online and had not recieved my equiptment, after numerous operators passing me onto different teams they then informed me that there was an error in processing and that it didnt go through credit check and had to be okayed with the submissions team and consumer orders and gave me a reference number. Explained by a lovely english person the equiptment will be sent out and should take 3-5 working days at the most and as i had been on the phone too long i had to ring in the morning at 8

am when it opened to just tell them to put it through.

So in the morning after 8am i rang up and quoted the reference number i recieved and they told me they put it through no problem and the order should show up on the site correctly now. I asked why no one had mentioned that it didnt go through correctly in the first place, whereas they told me that they should have done. I asked that they confirm that i was just waiting for the equipment and it would be sorted and then they told me no, they told me they had to resubmit the order and told me the new activation date would be the 23rd of november and i should recieve my hubs on the 19th of november, i was alittle unhappy with this but i asked for a guarentee that this was going to be the last time and it wasnt going to change they informed me it WILL NOT change and i can check order details online to be sure. 

Then on the 17th i recieved a letter in the post saying they have been informed someone was moving into my house. Well unless they knew of my impending demise i knew this was just bogus so i rang up about the letter which the indian lady had no idea of the letter. Then on the 19th i recieved my tv hub and bt hub5; hurray i thought things were going smoothly and no more problems roll on monday. Then on Friday out of the blue an indian lady rang me and told me that there were some complications and the phone number could not be kept i said i wasnt bothered by this and only cared about having internet again as i needed the internet for my partners business they then was trying to explain something but wasnt explaining it very well and they put the phone down. I then checked online using phone internet and noticed on the account both BT tv and BT phone line had been cancelled on the order tracker and not by me, but broadband was still to start on the monday. So i rang up again to be told there has been a problem trying to keep the same number, i informed i didnt care of the number and just needed the internet back and tv and phone line to be sorted they said oh okay. so i asked why online it said the order has been cancelled they said there was a problem and the order has to be redone. So i said no i dont want the order submitted i want to know why you changed it anyway which point they couldnt give me a reason, well thats not my fault so i said i want to speak to someone else which they couldnt provide me with and just kept apologising for the delay and they would ge back to me when the new activation date would be. They then rang me up a short while after telling me due to it being a friday they couldnt replace the order til the monday so the activation wont be the monday like they told me and probably around the 27th-1st of december. I asked why they couldnt give me an answer and they kept just apologising saying it wasnt their fault. So after this i rang back to complain and said that it hadnt been good enough what bt had done so far and with all the screw ups they had done why should i be losing out. He apologised saying that he will get the internet done by the 27th and that was best he could do and that online will be changed to say 27th on the broadband activation and he could guarentee it I said if you can guarentee it in writing i will stay with bt but i am not happy with whats been happening but if it gets to the 1st i will cancel your services. So straight after the call i checked online and noticed it still says activation 1st of december no change. but have noticed there are two open orders one for just broadband to start 23rd and another with just phone and broadband to start so whats happened to my tv package? and why can they not just tell me the truth when they tell me something. Iv had numerous phone calls and bountiful amounts of stress from bt. Only time iv had progress is when iv spoken to someone scottish or english and thats happened twice out of about 20 times or so. I hope this doesnt happen to as many people as me but surely i cant be the only one in this predicament? Sorry about the rambling stress and copeous amounts of drugs=waffling on.

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Re: infinity 2 delay in activation useless team that doesnt talk to one another and lies.

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: infinity 2 delay in activation useless team that doesnt talk to one another and lies.

Hi neincamper,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I’m really sorry for all the confusion with your order. The quickest way to get this sorted would be to contact our orders team. I’ll drop you a message now with a link to chat them online. They’ll case manage your complaint until resolved. If you have any problems after you’ve chatted them please get back to us and we’ll be happy to help.





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