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moving home bt infinity

so i am moving home in feburary and i currently have infinty 1 but at my new home there it isn't avabile
so bt have given me two choice

1. I can cancel my contract costing £320

2. they give me ye olde copper adsl costing me £30 a month over a 12 month contract that's

i just feel like i am being ripped off and even worse so is our goverment after there paying bt fortune to upgrade the countries internet

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: moving home bt infinity

I'm not sure how you are being ripped off as you have decided to move home and unfortunately your new home cannot yet get fibre connections so you either terminate your contract and pay early termination fees of £320 or you can get adsl for £30pm and not have to pay cancellation fees.  This is part of the contract you agreed with BT


there are many areas still waiting for fibre and often people moving home check out the availability of fibre before moving and then if not available decide to find other accomodation

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