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new contract with smart hub 2

Hi, I signed up for a new 24 month contract.

At the time  I signed up  I was prompted to chose from fibre 2, or fibre with halo 1, or fibre with halo 2 and complete wifi. The description of the upgrades said that all packages come with smart hub 2.

So  I placed the order in the expectation of receiving a smart hub 2.  That was 12 May and I still have not received it.

I cant find a phone number (the one I tried is for urgent calls during lockdown),  the email address is a 'do not respond' one. I am a bit miffed as I already have a 74mb line, and signed up just to get the new router. 

Anyone know how to get in touch with the relevant part of BT, thanks



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Re: new contract with smart hub 2

Halo 2 or any Complete wi-fi packages include a new Smart hub 2, Halo 1 or any other fibre package won't include a new hub.
If however the order was meant to include a hub and it wasn't sent, contact the connections team, they can look at the order and see if equipment was meant to be sent, if it was they can replace.

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Re: new contract with smart hub 2

Did you make it a condition of renewal that you received a sh2 or did you just assume that you would get a sh2 when you renewed

if the latter then there is no sh2 available

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