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nonBT no choice ADSL broadband transfer query while on annual line rental saver

I have my landline from BT, make my landline calls through BT and paid by annual line rental saver and have a monthly direct debit set up.


I am also a Virgin Media National Broadband customer.  Many years ago I moved from where I had cable TV and phone and as cable never made it to this area I had a choice of paying a cancellation fee to Virgin or installing their ADSL over-the-the-phone-line broadband at my current address.  This week I received a letter telling me that my broadband service will "soon be moving over" to TalkTalk.


When I asked TalkTalk if I could continue to be billed by BT for my landline calls after my broadband was transferred, TalkTalk would not give me a direct answer, but claimed I would "not have to cancel" my contract as "TalkTalk would deal with BT" and they also said TalkTalk would "take over" the billing after the broadband transfer and advised me to contact BT for clarification of what will happen to my line rental saver already paid.


So here is a direct question: Am I going to be subject to a cancellation fee and lose my existing prepaid line rental from BT if TalkTalk take over my Virgin Media ADSL National Broadband Service?  I cannot find anything on their website to confirm that they only offer broadband without taking over the "line rental" (with Virgin Media phone service was optional and I just had broadband)?


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Re: nonBT no choice ADSL broadband transfer query while on annual line rental saver

TT are passing the buck. If you can't get a straight answer from TT then I would be suspicious. As far as I can see, because the web site is far from clear, TT do not do just broadband. If you cancel your line rental contract with BT, you will be charged.
I would make sure you get answers from TT before you take a contract out with them.

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