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premium email billing problem



Can SOMEONE help me. I have used BT email for years and was quite happy to continue to use it even though a free service is now charged for because I use mine for professional and personal contacts (since 2000)


I have discovered my monthly payment will be £12.00 every 1st of month, and when I contacted the dreadful customer service staff and after 11 people and 1hr 28m on the phone and making 2 formal complaints and STILL the problem is not resolved I am still to be charged the same amount, can anyone help me? I am so frustrated and angry and have been told by "Betty", Fred" and "Eric" et all that this is the correct amount. We had to go with Virgin for broadband and telephone becuse BT could not supply a landline at our present address for some weeks and as I work at local hospital I had to have a phone asap.

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Re: premium email billing problem

As far as I can see BT Premium email should not cost that much a month. See this link


You could try Live Chat and see if they can sort it out for you. If you have no luck come back to the forum and a moderator may be able to look at it for you


Link to Live Chat

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