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"My Offers"

I've never really bothered with the "My Offers" area of the MY BT account website, but on Friday I clicked on it out of curiosity. Time and time again, people on the forum have mentioned you can get a cheaper price without a landline attached to broadband, but the options with or without are exactly the same. No cost reduction at all. When I mentioned this to a friend, they also checked and we discovered totally different offers being offered to each other. An example, for .66p more a month I can go up to 500 mb fibre from 150. Yet for him it will cost £8.66 for the exact same "offer". Are these just generated on an automated "whim" or is there actually a logic to it? 

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Re: "My Offers"

you cannot get broadband without paying line rental whether that is fibre or copper - need to get broadband to your home  you can get broadband including line rental but without a call package so you will not be able to make or receive calls including 999

you can try contacting options team 0800800030 and see what they offer as normally better than the 'MY OFFERS'

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Re: "My Offers"

Well yes, but it isn't called "line rental" anywhere on the bill, it's just included in the price, I have a charge for Broadband, it's not broken down into line rental anywhere on the itemised bill. People have mentioned without DV you can get a cost reduction, (the site even says" You could save by getting broadband without a landline phone service")

I know people with no DV active who are paying less than others with a PAYG DV line. 



Thanks for the number, I'll give them a call and see what they come up with. 

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