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yet again, more errors!!!

Having waited for THREE months, finally BT came to sort out my line, which was great. I knew this installation wont be straight forward again, and this just proved me right... BT made another 3 errors:


1. they failed to recognise my first order, so they placed me with a new order, although I MADE CLEAR on the phone that I would be paying my line rental one off, now I am receiving month bill which is at higher rate.


2. They failed to provide me a BT login - since I am not using BT Homehub, I need a user name and password to enter to my modem. I called them, any the advisor kept saying it would work using my MyBT login and password. I have multiple BT accounts, and I knew this was wrong... I need the login name with domain!


3. Again, to register to BTWiFi, I need the login, but the advisor said my MyBT login name and password would work... He told me to wait 24 hours for it to activate, now I waited 72 hours, still showing the same error.


Does BT ever get things right???



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Re: yet again, more errors!!!

Hi to use your own router you need to enter bthomehub@ If prompted for a password you can use any one you like

Your email address should be set up at the time you place your order if you did not set one up then contact the broadband help line on 0800 111 4567 they should be able to help you
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