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A list of BT Cloud issues & functionality

I am finding so many issues I don't know where to start so I thought I would list them & see what response I get.

1. Why can't you turn on/off visibility of smart folders in the web version as you can in the phone app.

2. If I rename a file in the web version via either the manage album or rename option I am unable to find the new folder in the "add to existing photo album" search box when trying to add a photo to that new album, only the old album names appear, I have waited 2 days hoping it might resolve itself so at the moment I have no way of adding photos into these albums & is very annoying.

3. In the web version I can do a search and find the renamed albums, if I do the same search in the iPhone app it does not find the renamed albums, so I have no way of accessing them, I can however see the old album folders with 0 files in each, its a real mess.

4. I have seen this issue reported but no answer. Take this example, I have a smart album with 100 photos & I want to add them all to existing album, you would think there was a select all button (web version) within the album but not, it seems you have to work thru the whole 100 photos selecting each one before you select the add to album option - that is just silly so it has to be me.

5. I have a previous un-answered thread about the max video file size, any video I upload over 300mb will not play, I get an error about the size (it might be 350mb, its something around there).

has anyone else had these issues & been able to resolve them.



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