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A problem with registering for BT Wifi

Hello, i've been with BT for quite a while now, for about 2/3 years i think. I have package number 3 (which include unlimited wifi) i only recently became aware of using wifi when i'm out and about, so i tried to sign up for BT Wifi. Whenever i put in my master user name and password, a message pops up in red saying that my account is not active?! I don't have trouble accessing any other area of my BT and would very much like to register for the Wifi i'm entitled to. Please help!!! 😞 

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: A problem with registering for BT Wifi

Are you using your primary e-mail address and password, the one that BT first gave you when you joined?

it should be


Check your status here


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Re: A problem with registering for BT Wifi

I am yes. I just checked my status and it said the same thing "This account is inactive" so i went to "forgot password" to try and see if i could be sent a new password and reset it. But it said my account has been suspended now?!!! This is insane, i've had no emails, i haven't has any change in billing or using BT at all. I don't understand what is going on?! 😞 

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Re: A problem with registering for BT Wifi

Hi LuxLivingDead,


I'll be able to look into this for you. Please send me in your details using the "Contact Us" link found in my profile.





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