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BT Cloud. Am I Missing Something?

The BT Cloud software seems a bit odd to me!

I log into Windows 10 as "User A". Install the BT Cloud software and sign in as "User A" (who owns the BT account). It creates a folder in "C:\Users\User A\BT Cloud". Fair enough.

I log out of "User A" Windows 10 account and log in as "User B" (same PC). I then have to install the BT Cloud software again (for some strange reason)! I run the software and login as "User A" again (you have too. They own the BT Cloud). This creates a folder "C:\Users\User B\BT Cloud".

Now if "User B" copies a file to the BT Cloud. When "User A" logs back into Windows 10. The file is downloaded to "C:\Users\User A\BT Cloud" folder. Now, suddenly, there are three copies of this file on the PC!

I tried to log into Windows 10 as "User A" I move the BT Cloud folder to "C:\BT Cloud". It moves, all good.

I logged into Windows 10 as "User B" I try to move their BT Cloud to "C:\BT Cloud". So both users were sharing the same folder on the PC (stopping the duplication). However, it errors saying there is already a BT Cloud there and it cannot move it!

So my question is:

  1. If I want to backup "User A" Pictures and Documents to the BT Cloud and "User B" Pictures and Documents to the BT Cloud. Is there a way of doing it without ending up with three copies of the files on the PC?
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