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BT Cloud And PC Storage



I have always considered myself to be quite a "techie" but the basic principles of how BT Cloud works are leaving me completely baffled. For ease I will refer to how Amazon Cloud Drive works. I upload files into their "Cloud" and then I can delete them from my local storage on my PC and the files are safely stored in the Amazon Cloud. These can then be accessed from any device without taking up any local storage.


I would have assumed that the BT Cloud would work in exactly the same way. But whatever I add to the BT Cloud Sync Folder on my PC it fills up storage space on my C drive which seems to defeat the whole object. Whilst it is useful to access these files from my other devices like my phone or tablet the BT Cloud is not freeing up storage space on my PC. It is merely cluttering up my C drive.


I may be completely missing the point here but it would appear that the BT Cloud is not "giving" me 100 GB storage but merely a vehicle for me to access 100 GB of my own storage across several devices.


Any help or clarification on this would be gratefully received. Thanking you in anticipation.

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Re: BT Cloud And PC Storage

Hi Richie58. You have missed something but there's no shame in that, as I've already stated elsewhere in this forum this is not exactly the most intuitive or user friendly piece of software I've ever come across. The key is in remembering what Sync stands for in the name of the BT Cloud Sync folder on your PC, it stands for syncronized or synchronization (whichever suits you best). This means that any content you add to or remove from the BT Cloud Sync folder on your PC is automatically added to or removed from your cloud storage (stick with me, I'm not being sarcastic). In order to transfer content onto your cloud storage so that you can safely delete it from your PC you need to use the "Add files" button on the toolbar at the top of the BT Cloud App or website, you will then be asked to navigate to the file you want to upload. Now this is the important bit, make sure the folder containing the file you want to upload is not in your BT Cloud Sync folder or any of its subfolders and is not otherwise marked for syncronization (you should be able to see which folders you are syncronising from "Settings"). Once the file is uploaded you should be able to safely delete it from your PC and the copied file should remain on the cloud. I suggest you test it out for yourself by creating a temporary folder on your PC (do not syncronize it), add some dummy files to it then upload the dummies to the cloud and delete the folder you just created and all the dummy files within it from your PC, finally check that the dummy files are still in your cloud storage. Hope that helps  

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Re: BT Cloud And PC Storage

As a former "techie" myself, I am astounded at the appalling quality of BT Cloud - as offline storage, its inflexibility renders it useless as a "space-saver" - as a file synchronisation device, its speed is significantly slower than other suppliers offerings.



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