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BT Cloud Android App keeps asking the same questions on Login.

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Hi , hoping someone can help me out.


I've just installed the BT Cloud App onto my Android Device. I'll be using BT cloud primarily for storing Photographs.

I've no wish for it to backup my mobile device.


On login, it asks me what I want to backup on my device, I say no all the options available and it says the my settings have been updated.


If I then logout and then login again, It has reset my preferences for mobile backup and again prompts me to select what I want to backup on my device. I went through the same steps, but it appears that each time I log out, the preferences that I set are ignored and i have instruct it on each login.


It appears that it REALLY wants to backup my device, but this is not something i want it to do (at least not until BT start using 2FA on their logins).


I've declined ALL permissions for the app except access to files and folders - I had to allow this in order for the app to work.


Can anyone help so that the App won't pester me each time i login to back up my mobile device?


Thanks in Advance.



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Re: BT Cloud Android App keeps asking the same questions on Login.

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Hi @Mac_Taylor and thanks for posting.


The short answer is that it’s not possible to set up the app so it doesn’t ask what you want to back up each time you log in.


The longer answer is that we’ve designed our BT Cloud apps with people who do want to back up their mobile devices in mind. The apps are designed to be left permanently logged in, so they can work in the background to back up new content. You could get around your problem by leaving your BT Cloud app logged in. If you don’t want BT Cloud to be permanently accessible, you could create a secondary user account on your Android phone, password protect it, and then use BT Cloud on that secondary account.


I’ll also pass your question onto our product team, so they’re aware of your feedback when considering future releases.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: BT Cloud Android App keeps asking the same questions on Login.

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Thank you @DavidM for that response, cleared up my question perfectly! Appreciated!
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