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BT Cloud - Copy a single file

Just logged into BT Cloud today for the first time since 6 August.


After navigating the new web UI, it wouldn't let me upload a file > 500Mb, said I had to install the PC app, which I then did. However, I launched the app and it started syncing files to my \BT Cloud\ folder on my PC, which it's never done before. I stopped this by unchecking the Sync option. Couldn't figure out how to upload a file. In the end I deleted both versions of BT Cloud on my PC, including the old F-Secure version. My files on the BT Cloud are still there - doesn't appear to have touched these.


Simple question - How to I upload single files from my PC to the BT Cloud on an ad-hoc basis. that are > 500Mb


I should add, that I don't want or need my files stored on BT Cloud to be synced with my PC. I do manual backups as and when.


All help appreciated.






Windows 7 SP1


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Re: BT Cloud - Copy a single file

I posted the same question a week or so and there appears to be, under the system currently in use, no solution other than to use the sync option in the PC App which is completely unusable in it's current state. Apart from slowing the PC down it takes ages to do anything.


An Office365 5 user subscription is looking more and more attractive unless BT get this mess sorted out soon.

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Re: BT Cloud - Copy a single file



Can believe I've been left without, what I felt before this latest upgrade, was a fairly easy to use backup solution. Whatever happened to 'What "matters" to the customer'?


I zip all the files I want to backup, using a combination of WinZip, WInZip command line and MS-DOS batch files (admittedly a bit old school, but it works very well), and then copy the zipped backups to the BT Cloud. I also do the same to Google Drive, but only have 15Gb free storage there, so can't hold as many aged backups.


Hugely disappointing - BT engineers - I hope you are listening. You have taken functionality away - in my book, that's a big no no.

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