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Re: BT Cloud - Licence and Subscription has expired!

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I hope that solution works for you. In my case it would have been irrelevant since I never installed the app on my computer but uploaded files directly to BT Cloud. Although BT did eventually fix whatever was the problem with my account, in doing so they trashed every single file I had ever uploaded. Never got an apology for that. As if.

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Re: BT Cloud - Licence and Subscription has expired!

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I've had the same problem. I was told by the cloud team that many customers are having the same problem and that BT are working on it. I've also been told they will be deleting my data at the start of June if I haven't renewed. I renewed mid April. Really frustrating and really disappointing service. I'm left completely in the dark from no fault of my own
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Re: BT Cloud - Licence and Subscription has expired!

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And BT are still at it..........


Had 500gb cloud - recontracted - confirmed price include the £9 for cloud - on contract day cloud dropped to 50gb.


Called BT - was told it was my fault for not ordering it - I had confirmed the recontract included it - but the Indian insisted it was my fault!!! - When I said in that case I will cancel please pass me to cancellation team he said the order was closed - he could do no more and HUNG UP WITHOUT NOTICE.


Called the cancellation team who said it waould have been in my acknowledgement (which I had in front of me) - asked the lady to point out to me where it was - she read acknowledgement and agreed BT had not confirmed/advised this.


Told the lady I would not cancel if she could resolve it (at the quoted price - which was overall £20 more expensive than TalkTalk and DropBox - but I kept for less hassle!!!)


She spoke to her manager - twice - and promised to call me back in an hour.


No call back came.


Official complaint sent - still waiting for a response.


Complaint reservessssd my right to cancel a BT are in Breach of their agreed contract (glad they record the calls)


I only spend £130 per month with BT accross two contracts - not a good way to treat a customer:-


BT make an error

Tell me it is my fault

Take my cloud away without notice

Hang up on me without notice

Promise to call back - no call back


etc etc etc


We shall see what the outcome is - I have not even bothered to open the youview box sent to ensure it can just go straight back....


Merry Christmas (just the time of year to waste time with BT....)

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