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BT Cloud (My Story)

Despite using my primary BT ID to log into my Cloud account I was getting a message that I was not eligible for BT Cloud on the BT ID I had entered. I immediately reported the problem. During the following weeks I spent hours on the phone trying to get this resolved during which I was given numerous assurances that my files were safe but the fault would take time to fix and involved the supplier team. I was given times and dates for scheduled update calls but they never materialised.

In desperation I sent a message of complaint via the BT website about the appalling way I was being treated and was subsequently contacted by a complaint desk advisor who said he would contact the cloud team and scheduled a time and date he would call me again to give me an update. I didn't hear from him again!

I returned to my previous approach of calling 151 and being put through to the cloud team.

23 days after reporting the fault I have now been told that all my files and images have been lost and there is no chance of recovering them. I received a verbal apology from the person in the Cloud team who eventually took ownership of my case and he also arranged a goodwill gesture.

The most upsetting aspect is that my cloud account contained hundreds of irreplaceable photos that were uploaded from a device that has since failed and been scrapped so the cloud images were the only copies I had.

I am devastated!

It makes the statements I have reproduced from the BT website sound hollow

“Enjoy the peace of mind that your photos and important files are safe”

“In the unfortunate event something happens, if you’ve backed up your files with BT Cloud, you haven’t lost them forever - they are safely stored in the cloud”.

Today I received an email from BT saying my complaint has been closed.

There seems little point in contacting BT again but I felt I needed to get my story out there.

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Re: BT Cloud (My Story)

Hi @bobwilly 

I'm not surprised that BT have closed your complaint, it seems that they tend to be overly keen on closing complaints but having said that, if your files are gone then isn't much else to be done.

I struggle to understand why people use cloud storage, especially for anything important. If you need access to stuff on the go then there's wireless flash, yes it's something else that you have to carry but at least you know where it is, not floating around in the ether under someone elses control.

I come from a time when the only storage was 5 1/4 floppies and unreliable external hard drives, you soon learnt to backup regularly and if you had any sense, backup the backup.

Hopefully your experience will alert others to the risks of cloud storage, especially if it's your only method of storage. There's also risks with these bundled services, they're rarely as good as specific paid for services.

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Re: BT Cloud (My Story)

Thanks for the reply but instead of a response from someone as clearly anti Cloud as yourself telling me I shouldn't have used it,  I was rather hoping someone from BT might read the post and wish to comment.

But yes,  you are quite right,  get them on a memory stick and then you can lose them yourself.

The photos in my cloud account became the only copies when the device they were on failed irretrievably.
At this point,  in my defence,  I believed the claims BT make that they would be safe until I got organised again. 

Apparently the complaint regarding the length of time it took to admit my files had been deleted and the wholly inexcusable way the entire matter has  been dealt with could only be investigated by the cloud team themselves.  (marking your own homework springs to mind here)

Case closed!

Anyone from BT wish to comment?




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