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BT Cloud - Space Upgrade and lack of clarity about charging



Just for info - after receiving the price increase letter from BT I was pleased to see that I would get 500gb storage free as I currently pay £9/month for this - having this nfor free actually made it (I thought) a price decrease letter....


Rang BT to check it would be free - told of a long wait and had a call back (almost an hour later - but at least I did not need to hang on the phone).


Spoke to nice gentleman who, when I asked if my current £9/month would be dropped, told me I had to "re-contract" to get this dropped.......


I told him this was nonsense as it was an "extra" that BT were now giving free.....


He spent a long time talking to others and said I would end up with a Terra of extra storage (500+500) - which I did not need - but said that I could call BT again and cancel the £9 on the 9th of July (random date).......


I will wait and see - clearly BT did not advise the call centre staff of the full content of the letter - I will call again to check before the 30 days are up as I can cancel my whole contract if this is not 100% confirmed to me, as I object to being told that I need to pay an extra £6-50/month in the middle of a contract......... (The less £9 would balance this out and I would be happy to stay.....)


Just for info if anyone else is currently paying £9/month for the 500GB which will now be offered free........

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