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BT Cloud Update

Hi all,


We’re getting ready to make a big update to BT Cloud, which will improve performance and add lots of useful new features our customers have asked for. We had hoped to have all of our updated BT Cloud software live this morning, but some is not quite ready yet. We’ll post here as soon as all our new software is ready.


When you use the new BT Cloud service for the first time, we’ll run some optimisation on your account to make sure all your content is ready to use in our new apps. If you have a lot of content stored then this may take several minutes, but it should be worth the wait!


Here's a view on some of the new features we’ve added:

  • The new BT Cloud service will back up photos, videos, documents and contacts from your smartphone. On Android, you’ll be able to back up text messages and call logs too.
  • The new BT Cloud software can automatically sync your music library to BT Cloud. You’ll be able to play back songs directly from the BT Cloud app over your internet connection. You can also mark your favourite songs or playlists for offline listening.
  • We’ve made lots of performance enhancements


Quick Q&A:

When I log on to the new BT Cloud service, will I have to upload any files again?

No, any data you’ve previously uploaded to BT Cloud will be on the new service. If you’ve uploaded files recently (in the last 7 days or so) then it might take some time for them to appear in the new BT Cloud apps when you first log in. We’d expect them to appear within 10 minutes, but if you have lots of files or we’re very busy it could take longer. There’s nothing to be concerned about – we’re just getting your new files ready for use in BT Cloud.





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Re: BT Cloud Update

So why did you just do it without any warning 


why when I click on bt cloud does it take me to my files on the pc and not to the cloud ?


If my pc crashed now I cannot get onto the cloud - hopefully it wont !


The computer is currently backing up 80,000 files which are already stored on the cloud taking up bandwith so will they be duplicates 



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Re: BT Cloud Update

Totally agree. Effectively the btcloud.exe is now effectively just a shortcut to the sync folder.


Seems the only way now to access your files is to logon via your browser on the BT Cloud web page. A totally stupid update. Really cannot see how this is supposed to be an improved system, e.g. let's make it much morre complicated to access your files. Crazy.



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Re: BT Cloud Update

>>If you’ve uploaded files recently (in the last 7 days or so) then it might take some time for them to appear in the new BT Cloud apps when you first log in.


Try 20 days as that applies to the files that are missing on the Browser interface and are being very slowly uploaded again.

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Re: BT Cloud Update

Hi David,

Thanks for this. I am unable to find an email link as such, so I'm posting this reply instead.

There are a few things I don't understand:

1. When I look at the folder I see in my Windows Explorer view (which is what now opens when I execute BT Cloud), is what I see in that folder ("David Hogarth > BT Cloud") actually my content in the Cloud, or is it the content on my computer? If, as I suspect, it is on my computer, how do I view my content on the Cloud (which I used tio get when I opened the BT Cloud application)?

2. I got lots of notifications appearing that Smart Folders were being created. What are they, where are they, and on what basis was there creation initiated?

3. How do I share folders now? With thge old application, I could select a bunch of folders, click the share icon at the top, and create a link that would take my invitee to a page with a view of all the folders I wanted to share. This was a really important feature for me and I can't see how to make it happen now.

4. When I go viua the web to BT Cloud I am seeing albums corresponding to the folders in Pictures on my PC, but the (many) folders that I have recently uploaded via the BT Cloud Sync folder on my PC (which no longer exists) are nowhere to be seen. Have they gone?

Many thanks if you are able to answer these questions for me.

David Hogarth

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Re: BT Cloud Update

Thanks for posting @dhogarth.


You should be able to see the contact link by clicking on my username and then 'contact the moderators'. I've passed your posty back to the cloud guys to take a look at and will post back when I get a reply.





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Re: BT Cloud Update

Hi @dhogarth,


I've had a reply to your questions.


The easiest way to view the contents of your BT Cloud storage is to look online at It used to be the case that you could look online or directly at the BT Cloud app to view your stored contents, but we got feedback from users that having multiple views was confusing (especially as some features were present in one view, but not the other). We’ve concentrated on making the PC and Mac software really good at automatically backing things up, and the online interface really good at viewing your contents.


Smart Folders turn folders of photos into Albums, to make them easier to browse when looking at BT Cloud online. As an example, if you had photos in an folder called ‘2016 Summer Holiday’ then when you’re in the ‘All Photos’ view of the BT Cloud service you’ll be able to see these photos as albums. We’re panning on adding extra features to Smart Albums over the next year, to give you more options on how to organise photos.


You can share folders or files from the BT Cloud website at If you want to share a folder, then go to the ‘All my files’ view (by selecting it from the top dropdown). From here you can tick the folder(s) you want to share, then click ‘Share’ and ‘By Public Link’. This will give you a public share link, which you can give to other people in order for them to access the folders you’ve chosen to share with them.


All of your photos will still be on BT Cloud. You can see them by selecting the ‘All photos’ view from the top drop-down menu. Or, if prefer, you can go to the ‘All My Files’ view. This is where you’ll find the BT Cloud Sync folder and all the photos inside it.





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Re: BT Cloud Update

Hi guys,


Thanks all for posting. We're working through the problems posted on the boards but if you need urgent help with Cloud issues please call 0800 500 3114 and raise a case through the Cloud tech help desk.





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Re: BT Cloud Update

Hi All


We’re releasing some updates from today to BT Cloud which are expected to improve performance and make your files easier to find. We’ve listened to your comments and over the coming weeks (starting today) the following improvements will be deployed. To also keep you informed of what else is coming, we’ve included some information about our longer term plans.


BT Cloud on Web (Access Anywhere via a browser)

  • We’re changing the layout of the ‘All My Files’ section, so that when looking at a backup of a PC or Mac the entire folder structure will be visible (previously frequently used folders appeared at the top of the list). We’ve changed this to make it easier for users with very large backups to find the content they’re looking for and this is being rolled out today. You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of this update.


BT Cloud on Windows PCs

  • The load time and client responsiveness to be greatly improved for users with very large accounts. There are also a couple of small bug fixes.
  • We’re rolling this update out today. If you already have BT Cloud installed, then you’ll receive an automatic notification asking you to update.


BT Cloud on Mac OS X

  • We’ve updated BT Cloud on Mac OS X to fully support the Sierra operating system, which Apple have recently released. There are also a couple of small bug fixes.
  • We’re rolling this update out today. If you already have BT Cloud installed, then you’ll receive an automatic notification asking you to update.


BT Cloud on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

  • We have two updates planned over the rest of 2016:

o    The first update will be for iOS and Android apps, and will be released in the next few weeks (we’ll confirm the exact date here in due course). This update will address a few bugs we’ve identified since launch. Most users won’t notice any difference in how the Apps work following on from this update.

o    The second update will be for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. This update will introduce several new features / improve some existing ones. We expect this app to be published before Christmas (but this is dependent on our ongoing testing). We’re currently agreeing the full feature list for this App update, and will share it with you here in due course.


What’s next for BT Cloud?

There are lots of additional features we plan on launching in 2017. Our focus is to make sure the core backup experience from PCs and Mac’s is as good as it can be, while providing new and innovative features to make BT Cloud as good as possible at backing up your entire phone and sharing your content with others

We’ll make several updates throughout 2017, which will introduce some ground-breaking new features while continuing to refine existing ones.


Cheers John

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