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Re: BT Cloud Update

Since the update, I am missing quite a few folders and 1000's  of photos. I just use the BT cloud app on an iPad. All get uploaded direct from the iPad to the cloud.

i have found most of the folders via all files/BT cloud/web. Most folders are there but not all.

plus I have vision problems, so cannot see what the tiny thumbnails are anyway.

this update has completely rendered BT cloud unusable for me.

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Re: BT Cloud Update

I have an issue with the latest update.


A folder that was previously backing up fine is (since teh latest update) giving this message:


while my cloud usage still has space:



 Is there now a maximum folder size that can be synced?


I would also note that the contents of the folder in question (or any others that I am backing up) have not been increased.



I also miss the desktop app that allowed you to see the cloud storrage - can i reinstall porevious version to get that back and to solve sync issue?


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Re: BT Cloud Update

I've looked at what I've now got as a result of this update and my heart sinks.  I appear to be using 3 times the space that I was before and I can see that some files are duplicated, probably triplicated.  It's difficult to see exactly what state the files are in as there's insufficient data about each file such as size etc.  Not all files appear to be there but you have explained why that might be.  I really can't face the many many hours of deleting duplicated items, so would it work if I deleted the whole of Cloud and reinstalled it?

By the way, features such as sorting and adding folders to back up do not appear to work in Edge, although they do work in Chrome.

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Re: BT Cloud Upgrade(?), what have you done?

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Re: BT Cloud Upgrade(?), what have you done?

@PJ_Maybe Given up, deleted 50Gb of sync in BT Cloud and started resyncing again. Joy, I hate IT people.

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Re: BT Cloud v15.2.8.15 not working

I had folder containing 50GB of photos backed-up. Upgraded & it now tells me I'm using 0% of my storage. So it appears all those backups went in the bin. I'll be sticking to Google Drive.

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Re: BT Cloud v15.2.8.15 not working

I had backed up 30gb of photos from my PC. The new updated App tells me I've not got any backup folders, and none of the photos are available. Nice one BT!

Tried to set up a new backup and it won't let you choose a folder which backs up all sub-folders (eg my photos). You have to setup each lowest level folder individually, which is a non- starter for me as I have 100's of sub-folders.

IOS is equally bad. Updated App has also lost all my previous backups, although on a phone which I have not updated, the old version of the App is still showing all 30gb of my PC photo backups. So they have clearly not been trashed, but are not visible from the new 'improved' version.

Looks like another completely untested release from BT. Back to Dropbox for me.....
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What on earth is going on at BT wIth regards to BT Cloud - I mean its always been flaky at best but this is ridiculous.


I woke this morning to find the latest update of BT Cloud (which you cannot opt out of incidentally) has deleted everything I had backed up and decided instead to sync only the folders that IT thinks are relevant.


So I've lost my backups of 4.2 GB of work documents, and 8 GB of music - my entire MP3 Collection.


And BT advertise Cloud as the mainstay of their service offering a "free" 100GB secure backup facility.


Final straw for me this one sorry BT but I'll be cancelling my contract - AND writing to the Press about this joke you call a backup service.



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Re: BT Cloud Upgrade(?), what have you done?


Its just a joke isnt it - I lost everything that was not in a "My Documents" folder on My PC - so all my Work files and my entire MP3 collection vanished into the empty space that is BTs technical brain overnight.


If any other company suddenly lost their costomers backups it would be all over the news. But BT slime their way out of it by saying "its a free service" what do you expect.


Oddly BT I still expect it to chuffing work......

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BT Cloud and Excessive Data Usage despite setting backup as wifi only

Yesterday afernoon I installed BT Cloud on my Android device whilst at home and connected to my BT wifi. I set it up to backup over wifi only and left it to run. I went out of the house, with the phone, for about 2 hours before returning home and obvioulsy re-connecting to wifi once again.


This morning I has stunned to find a notification that I had comsumed all of my 500MB allowianc and exceeded it by 70MB. I  usually use about 100MB of my monthly allowance. This has to be related to the new cloud app install and presume the "wifi" only option simply doesn't work. 


Whilst I also use dropbox and Google photos I can see that there have been no new photo uploads during that time period for those apps so it's not as if they are somehow re-syncing files downloaded by BT Cloud. Besides which BT Cloud should not be downloading anything significant as it's whole purpose is to securely backup items from my phone. 


What can I do about this ?