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BT Cloud Version 20.6.1

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BT Cloud problem since upgrade to Windows Version 20.6.1.
Since the recent upgrade BT Cloud has not worked.
When the PC starts Message:
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Please contact Customer Support if this problem persists.
BT Customer Support
Something went wrong (Error Code - 138)
Retry does not resolve the problem.
I have tried to remove and reinstall the program using Windows > Settings > Apps > BT Cloud for Windows but when I go to Microsoft Store to download it says that I own the program and there is no option to download.
I have restored an Acronis image taken before the uninstall and I am back with the PC startup error message.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: BT Cloud Version 20.6.1

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I will answer this one myself.

Don't bother with telephone  to BT Help it's a waste of time.

Log into BT Cloud web page and download the BT Cloud Program from there. There is no need to use the Microsoft Store.

On the PC > Task Manager > BTCloud (32bit) > End Task.

Uninstall BT Cloud.

Restart PC.

Install the program downloaded earlier.

This worked for me.

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Re: BT Cloud Version 20.6.1

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No problem downloading the 20.6.1. update from BT and installed OK BUT the sync folder doesn't work nor do any folders designated for constant backup.
The only way to put files onto the cloud seems to be by opening the online page and dropping or pasting files directly.
BT acknowledge the problems with this update within days of its release and promised it would be fixed - it is now 31 Jan 2021 and I see no change!
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