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BT Cloud Version History

I have some questions on BT Cloud backup.

The total size of all folders to be backed up is 61.7gb with a total storage of 200gb, so that should be ok, however, the backup current is showing 196.9gb of 200gb and when I look on settings it says "Previous versions consume 69% which is 137.4gb.

There is an option to delete the version history, but I can't see any way to view the data in the version history.So my questions are:
1. How can I view the version history?

2. Is there a way to control how many versions are backed up?

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Re: BT Cloud Version History

Hi @DavidBRose welcome back and thanks for posting. You would be best to raise these queries with the BT Cloud helpdesk on 0800 500 3114 and they will be able to help you.


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Re: BT Cloud Version History

Hi John
Thanks for your advice. I did call someone, but despite them asking a technical colleague I'm not certain they understood the issue. I'll call the number you have suggested.
Kind regards
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Re: BT Cloud Version History

Having spoken to someone on the help desk and did some further investigation I now have a better understanding of how BT Cloud manages versions on the backup and I must say it's not a perfect solution. Having said that, BT Cloud backup is doing what it's designed to do, but because of the way I'm using it there is a disadvantage.

  • Here is the original scenario:
  • Total backup capacity = 200gb
  • Total size of data to be backed up = 61gb
  • Version history = 137gb which has consumed the allocated backup capacity

There doesn't appear to be a facility to view the content to understand why the revisions consumed so much data, but knowing what is being backed up I realised that Outlook e-mail files are being updated every day and BT Cloud is backing up a new version every day. There is an archive file which is 3.7gb and another which is 1.2gb and there are 27 versions, so that is the reason for the huge revision history.

I must say I'm surprised there isn't an option to limit the number of versions and there doesn't appear to be an easy way to view the revision history. It's only because I knew Outlook files were big, that provided me with the clue as to where to look.

Just in case anyone is interested in how I viewed the revision history...

  • Login to BY BT
  • On Your Products, click on Manage
  • Scroll down to BT Cloud and click on Manage
  • On the section to access your files, click on BT Cloud in your browser
  • When you have logged in, at the top of the screen it says My Activity. click on the down arrow to display the menu and select All my files.
  • Navigate to the folder you are interested in. 
  • When you see the list of files, click in the box to the left of it.
    *** Note: don't click on the file, because that will download the file to your PC.
  • Click on More and then click on Versions to display all the versions that have been backed up.

To conclude, if anyone from the development team is interested in my opinion, I would prefer to limit the number of versions that are backed up. Let's say it backs up five versions, then each day it deletes the oldest version and adds the latest version.

I would also like to see a facility where the overall version history could be displayed, perhaps in descending order by the file size and offer the ability to delete the largest files rather than currently you only have the facility to delete the entire version history.

Another option for me to consider is to increase the storage space, but eventually that would fill up at around 5gb per day, so eventually that would present me with the same issue in the future. ie: if the capacity was increased to 500gb, in 100 days that would fill up again even though the actual files are only 67gb...

Please excuse the size of this post, but while it's fresh in my mind I thought I'd write it up, partly to remind me for future reference. I trust all this makes sense and I would appreciate feedback on my conclusions. Perhaps I might have missed a feature, or misunderstood something, but this is my current knowledge on the subject.


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