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BT Cloud, Windows Explorer.

I have installed the BT Cloud app on my Windows 10 PC and can see the BT Cloud folder in Windows Explorer and can copy files/folders to that folder.

But those files/folders are showing as being saved to my C: drive, I want BT Cloud as a place to backup my files/folders, they are in effect doubling the usage of my C: drive.

Any help much appreciated.



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Re: BT Cloud, Windows Explorer.

Rereading my post it’s possible I’ve not made myself very clear.

I currently have circa 200GB of photos. Last year I purchased a new laptop which has a 256GB SSD hard drive, as you can see if I stored my photos on my laptops C: drive it would be virtually full after taking the operating system into account too. So, I purchased an external 500GB SSD drive purely to store my photos on.

Recently I’ve upgraded my broadband package with BT, which comes with 1TB of cloud storage, so I thought it would be a sensible idea to back up my photos to that cloud storage.

However, what’s happened is, when I installed BT Cloud onto my laptop, it has created a “BT Cloud” folder on my laptop and is now duplicating my photos onto my laptop hard drive giving me the problem I specifically wanted to avoid by purchasing the external hard drive.

Is there a way of just transferring a copy of my photos to BT Cloud without it saving another copy to my hard drive?

Thanking you in anticipation of any help.


Peter Glynn

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